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ZSL London Zoo: one of the Best Vacations for Kids in Britain

For decades, London has been known widely as the biggest and tightest city in the world. It is a huge metropolis city as well as the center of all the United Kingdom areas. London saves you lots of historical stories and attractive places to visit. If you have a chance to come to London, you must come to some interesting places there on which one of them is the world’s oldest zoo, London Zoo Park.

zsl london zooAs I said, ZSL London Zoo Park is the oldest one as it is opened for almost 200 years. It becomes one of the best vacations for kids especially in Britain. At first, this zoo was built for research purpose. The aim was for zoological research, observed new object and such kind. After its public opening in 1840s, the zoo that is located in the Regent’s Park, People nowadays can witness for more than 600 different species with the total of all are more than ten thousand animals there. Most of them are big animals like giraffes and gorillas.

Since this zoo is famous and located in the downtown, going there is quite easy. Like all the typical of European countries, London also has beautiful architectures and streets that make you feel comfortable to go around on foot. Besides, you can rent a bike or a bus. This bus is 24 hours service. Talking about flights, there are always flights to London. Just by a single clicking, you can find quite lots of airlines company offering their London flights on your computer.

For the hotel, I strongly suggest to have it around the downtown. As from the downtown, you can reach many places at once. Prepare the entire agenda list as well as London’s map and compass (just in case, if you accidentally get lost). This zoo is everyday open, start from 10 am to 6 pm. So, make sure that you come early because I am sure you don’t want to spend so much money just to be hurry and afraid that the place will close soon.

Another good thing about this zoo is that everything is set properly, nicely and cleans. There are trees everywhere, so it is the best spot to spend your time walking and enjoying the fresh air. The design and concept of the zoo spot is also eye-catching. Even more, some of the spots have already been taken as a movie set, for instance is box office movie, Harry Potter. So, if you plan to please your kids, London zoo is one of the best options. Happy traveling!


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