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Yogyakarta – The City of Traditional Heritage and Contemporary Art

Yogyakarta is the second best tourism destinations, if you plan to visit Indonesia. Standing right after Bali, Yogyakarta offers you far different tourism site you don’t want to miss. Yogyakarta is a city built by culture. Even more, it can be said that Yogyakarta is the city that has been successfully become modern under the old and traditional government. So, what standing point of this city is it is so traditional and original. The people and its government care so much in preserving their heritage such as “Keraton”, the traditional kingdom system, with the king as their leader government that is known with the name “Sultan” as well as “Batik”, their traditional art that people mostly find it in clothes.

prambanan temples in yogyakartaYogyakarta Tourism

Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia’s provinces particularly located in Java Island. From time to time, it has been people’s favorite destination, not only the domestic tourists but the international as well. There are many tourism sites offered here. Mostly are historical and culture tourism site. One of the famous sites is the masterpiece of Hinduism culture, which is Prambanan Temple.Other than exploring the old and historical temples, you can also see the Yogyakarta culture through its Keraton. Visiting Keraton, there will be a guide to introduce more about the cultures. The guide does not only take you around the Keraton, he will take you to the center of Batik making and let you to try how to make it as well. In certain occasion, there always be a Keraton ceremony and celebration. Coming here at the right moment, you can obviously witness some sacred cultures that only exist in Yogyakarta.

yogyakarta tourism

If you have satisfied with historical sites, you can try culinary and art tourism in Malioboro Street. There, not only you can enjoy the foods, but you can also buy Batik or any other signature stuff from Yogyakarta in a bargain price. What a nice thing in Yogyakarta is all the things are cheap. Not only the merchandise, food, and tourism site tickets, but Hotels as well. Many backpackers come to Yogyakarta since it is cheap but still fill the standard. There are various hotels you can have, start from the cheapest one at the range of 75.000 rupiahs or approximately 8 USD until the most expensive one that can cost more than 1 million rupiahs or at about 140 USD.

There are many ways of transportations to Yogyakarta; you can use bus or train. You can also use plane. For its local transportation, there are taxis and pedicaps. But I strongly suggested just renting a motorcycle or car, beside it is cheaper, it will be easier for you to go anywhere you like. One important tip is it’s better to rent a car with a driver, since the Yogyakarta’s traffic is quite confusing. Guess, you don’t want to get lost easily either. So, renting a driver will save more money and time. It usually costs US $ 5 / 12 hours, it is cheap, isn’t it?

yogyakarta indonesia tourism

yogyakarta tourism


Beside the historical, cultural, and culinary tourism, Yogyakarta also presents you with some beach particularly at the southern part of it. These complete packages of tourism could be something you don’t want to miss. It is all about traveling in an excellent combination of cheap prices, good quality and rich of cultural beauty tourism sites.


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