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Visiting Florence – Experiencing the Most Beautiful City in Italy

Visiting Italy could be any travelers’ top list place to visit. Since for many years, Europe countries have been famous for its remarkable history, beautiful architecture and culture. Italy which is located in the Southern part of Europe geographically is a boot form peninsula island that extends to Mediterranean Sea. As it is in Europe, Italy has been well known as the center of art, magnificent architecture buildings, paintings, carvings and many more. There are also many city that must be put in your priority check list as a must place to be visited. We have Milan and Rome which is the capital city of it. Beside those two, there is also another city that is so famous with its masterpiece of architecture, art gallery, museum even palace. Moreover, people usually refer this city is the most beautiful city in Italy. It is known as Florence or Firenze (Italian language) or Florentina (Latin).

florence-a beautiful city in italyVisiting Florence can be done for a honeymoon or even family occasion. Since by the time you step into the city, you will be presented lots of remarkable building. Somehow, the buildings look like a giant house full of paintings, or sculpting, even mosaic decoration to gold. Those will definitely drop your jaw widely. There are many tourism sites offered. Most of them are historical tourism sites like museum, art gallery and any other historical building. Let me mention Piazza Del Duomo. This building is the most famous one that you must visit at the very first time. It is a big cathedral that is located in the heart of Florence. There is also Galleria degli Uffizi. It is the oldest, biggest and most famous art museum in Florence. You can witness some notoriously painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Visiting this museum, I have one important tip for you, if you want to visit it; try to purchase the tickets online, it is because, if you buy directly, you will be stuck in a long queue. That long queue can take your time for four hours just for tickets. Moreover, there are also the bridges along the Arno River which could be the perfect place for you to take a picture there, can be for pre-wedding pictures and so on.

visiting florence

Where To Stay

Then if you want to stay overnights in this city, try to find it inside the city, since there are so many places to be visited. The cost of inns or hostels in Florence is quite cheap. If you go with your family, I strong suggested rent an apartment that is designed for a family. As my experience, I rent a 100 meters apartment complete with little garden in front of it. And it is quite cheaper than renting a room in a hotel. Another advantage of apartment renting is that we can be free to have vacation all day long as well as we can eat in relax and private, since there is also a private kitchen in it.

Here are some hotels available around Florence :

Montebello Splendid Hotel
Golden Tower Hotel
Hotel Regency
Hotel Diplomat
Athenaeum Personal Hotel
Hilton Florence Metropole
Brunelleschi Hotel
Best Western Hotel Palazzo Ognissanti
Plus Florence Hostel
Hotel Collodi (Recommended)

Getting There

Getting there is not a difficult task to do, since this city has been well known worldwide. People who come to Italy will come to this city as their priority. You can use bus or train, if you visit other cities as well. Yet, you can use air transportation if you want to go directly to Florence.

Florence is not just the most beautiful place to visit, but also it is the heart of Europe historical art. There are so many buildings you can visit and allthose buildings make you willingly to keep on staying longer there.Moreover, havinga vacation with your love, friends or family is actually the best way to enjoy your holiday. So, if you want to experience an adult Disneyland, then get turn a head out to Florence right away.


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