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Visiting Athens-Experience Wonderful Greece Vacations

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Talking about history, nothing can be any better than Greece. Greece, in particularly Athens, its capital city, has saved so many historical heritages as long as how long our earth does exist. Many ancient documents or research have proved that Athens is even the origin of western civilization. This city is considered as the beginning of any western cultures in the next era after. Athens was taken from its Goddess, known as the Goddess of Athena, which is believed as the Greek Guardian Goddess as well as the symbol of virginity. Athena, as the capital city of Greece, becomes the heart of any political, culture and economical activity happen in Greek. With the number of citizens about 700.000 people, it has successfully accomplished in building and persevering the remaining historical buildings like monument, arts, any old cultures that are preserved in some famous museums and culture parks there.

athens concert hall-acropolis hill

When you plan to have a vacation somewhere, it is recommended that you visit Athens, so you can taste the heart of Greece at Athens. There, you can feel the sense of how civilization has been built for almost 5000 years. That long history is stretched miles from Acropolis hill to the Zeus Temple, from every tunnel and alley in Plaka to every single beach in that Goddess country. As the city known as its remarkable historical sites, Greece particularly Athens remains as the 12th world top tourist destinations. Even more, Greece is one of the place for the biggest sport event in the world and many people come all over just to witness the civilization pieces spread all along the country. The most famous place in Athens are Acropolis hill which is likely castle or fort; consisting of tall and big building and temples made from stone. Those buildings reflect the Greek Golden age under the lead of Pericles Caesar. Another place you must visit beside the hill is known as Plaka. Plaka is its town center where you can enjoy some Greek foods as well as do shopping tourist stuff with low prices.

To travel there, Greece provides you the airlines in its Athens International Airport for international flight. There are also other flights that you can have if you want to continue your vacation to the other islands around the Greek.

For a place to stay, there are numerous choices. Some hotels may seem so expensive but you can get discount for special occasions or seasons, it depends on whether there is a promotion or not. Therefore, you have to be able to gain much information and book it earlier before the peak season. But if you want to have a backpacker style of traveling, there are also some mid-range hotels until the lowest price ones.

athens the heart of greece

If you want to experience the magical view from the past, I strongly suggested having a taste in this heart of Greece, Athens. One more thing is that the Greek people are so welcome and proud of their culture and heritage. They are so warm and will treat foreigners as their mate. So, don’t worry for being foreigners there, since everybody will be there and make you feel like home.


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