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Unique and Funny : The Fruit-Throwing Festivals

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If it is a common thing for people to eat fruits, it will be however, the other story about these three things. The festivals in the following paragraph, I consider as bizarre, because those festivals are about throwing fruits not eating them. Feel curious? Well, you better check this one out!

fruit throwing festivalsIt is in Spain and Italy, where people celebrate festivals with lots of fresh fruits. Feels like they waste foods as they throw them away, but, this actually works in the other sides. Instead of wasting fruits as the result of big harvesting of the country, they use them and make them a tradition festival that is held annually. Those there fruit-throwing festivals are :

1. La Tomatina Festival in Bunol, Spain

This fest is held on the last week of August. It has been done for almost 70 years. According to its official website, there was no exact story how every all of these began. Yet, tourists in all over the world gladly come and visit this country just to see the festivals.

This is how it works; all people gather in the middle of the Bunol town, Valencia, Spain at noon. After that, there will be some trucks containing tomatoes. Then, people will race over the trucks to get as many tomatoes as they can. Are those for eating? Ah, nope, those tomatoes are for a tomato war.

So, basically, this “war” is like people throwing tomatoes to each other. There are rules to follow this festival that you have to squeeze the tomatoes first before you throw them. This is just in case that there will be no one hurt due to the throwing.

Well, there’ll always be a time to join the festivals. Make sure that you book a ticket to Spain early in time. See the video here

2. La Raima Festival in Pobla del Duc, Spain

Still in Spain, we have another festival that uses fruits, named La Raima Festival. It is a festival to sign the end of wine grapes harvest. Quoted from MSN Travel, by the end of sunny August, the people all over the world will patiently wait to get involved in the parade. Some of them perhaps wear swimming goggles to protect their eyes from the grapes throwing.

This festival has been annually held for almost 80 years. It began by the winegrowers threw their grapes to their friends to reflect their happiness of the harvesting time. it becomes tradition and annually ritual that have been famously recognized by the world. Each year, for at least dozens of grapes wine are thrown and crashed along the festival. See the video : here

3. Ivrea Festival in Ivrea, Italy

Beside Spain, Italy has also a festival of fruit. Not tomatoes or grapes, but oranges. This festival is held for 40 days before the week of Easter. The concept of the festival is quite unique, so, there will be some people standing on a truck full of oranges and then what they do next is throwing the oranges to the participants below.

Apparently, that concept was taken from the past history of the city. According to the Go Italy site, there was ever a rebellion against a kind of city tyranny in this city long time ago. In doing the rebellion, a citizen named Violetta threw the castles and its guards with oranges she had. This small action gave a big reaction for the other citizens to do the same and destroy the tyranny era at that time.

To commemorate the moment, Ivrea people hold this festival annually. This festival actually attracts many tourists to come and see what the festival is. Even, there is a chance to get hurt as oranges are hard; many people are still excited to join the festival every year.