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10+ Mesmerizing Tropical Honeymoon Destinations Newlyweds Should Visit

Are you newlyweds? You should check the following list of more than 20 Tropical Honeymoon Destinations you can choose to visit. In no any particular order below the list of Honeymoon Destinations in Tropical Countries.

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12 Best Tropical Honeymoon Destinations


Indonesia is a great choice for its beautiful islands. It is home to stunning coral reefs and stunning beaches. It also has volcanic views, as well as jungle-cloaked temples, leopards and orangutans. You can experience relaxing moment in beachside villas, and exploring the lush green rice fields. Beside Bali, Indonesia has Raja Ampat and many more.


Mexico has been captivating us for a long time now due to its delicious street food vendors and its ancient Mayan ruins, and undiscovered green cenotes, and not forgetting its famous romantic beaches. It’s tempting to lounge in the golden beaches of Los Cabos for the entirety of your honeymoon (and it is possible to do this should you want to); however, we recommend taking a break from your chaise lounger and exploring Mexican cultural experiences. Explore the local history of the area on Chichen Itza to uncover 1,500-year-old Mayan secrets, dive into the mysterious Cenotes in Cancun and savour freshly prepared tacos on the sidewalks of Merida.

The Seychelles

A romantic getaway to the Seychelles brings paradise to a new level and offers an ideal balance of excitement and rest. Sands with the hue of flour, water that is jewel tones worthy of best jewelry–the Islands in Seychelles are a destination that many have heard about but don’t are aware of where to find.

Seychelles is a group of more than 115 islands (of of which only a few actually have been inhabitable) located in the Indian Ocean (thus the extraordinary climate and water) near in the waters from East Africa, northeast of Madagascar. Beyond the beauty of nature, There’s also wildlife to be seen also, such as turtles. Some are massive and nearly rideable, and others tiny as they hatch in the sands. If you’re interested in going, look into Fregate Island Private resort and Banyan Tree Seychelles, both exquisitely extravagant.

The Maldives

There are some reasons that newlyweds love escaping to the enchanting Maldives. The Maldives are home to more than 1000 coral reefs; there are plenty of activities on the beach to take part in including dolphin-spotting excursions to desert island picnics. There are many luxurious suites and villas with personal butlers, romantic swimming pools, and personalized spa treatments.

It’s amazing how beautiful this island of Maldives really are. This is one of those instances where pictures don’t convey the beauty of the islands. Indian Ocean waters are that amazing and stunningly colored. If you’ve ever had fantasies in your childhood that you could become a marine biologist, This is the right place for you. You can enjoy a swim with all sorts of fascinating ocean creatures (including clownfish that are only found in a few locations).

French Polynesia

It’s not known as the honeymoon destination for absolutely nothing. The French Polynesia gem is undeniably stunning: Think of sugared-sugar-crusted beaches accentuated by the shades of palm tree fringe and the most blue-colored water you could ever imagine. You can easily cruise around on a boat throughout the entirety of your vacation (even that the waters are tranquil and relaxing)

French Polynesia and its 118 idyllic islands have mastered the romantic art. Surrounded by stunning blue lagoons and silky beaches all over There’s lots of space and space for couples on their honeymoon to start their new life. You can spend your time snorkeling with manta rays, soaking in hill-top spas and uncovering gorgeous black pearls.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is the top choice for couples looking to get married across the globe and it’s no wonder the reason. When you first step on the beaches that are smothered in seashells, it’s clear that you’ve found paradise. Discover tranquility in the private swimming pools, scuba dive through secluded bays, and indulge in mouth-watering gourmet food. If the scent of freshly caught lobsters or the sweet chirping of hummingbirds chirping in the banana leaves isn’t enough to make you want to stay for longer, we’re not sure what can.


A romantic getaway in Hawaii is an unforgettable experience. It is home to huge volcanic landscapes as well as beautiful beaches, it offers an alternative view of natural happiness, with plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities along the way.

The Hawaiian island is full of surprises in its scenery, which you’ll discover when driving through the island in the 4×4 Jeep isn’t the usual feature for an Pacific island. The pine forests (best explored on the back of a horse) along with red rock formations as well as bumps (reminiscent of the image we have of Mars to appear like) and stunning beaches that sometimes have sideways water create a beautiful shimmer.


The home of five percent of the wildlife in the world There aren’t many places on earth that can boast the same amount of biodiversity as Madagascar. The country is famous as a place to see wild lemurs as well as beautiful baobab trees, a honeymoon in Madagascar definitely takes you off the beaten path and will show you why Sir David Attenborough fell in love with this amazing land that is that is ruled by nature. Within Andasibe National Park hang out with ring-tailed and leaf-tailed geckos. You can also team with local experts for guided nighttime walks with wildlife.


The perfect combination of buzz and beach, Thailand is a country that is full of fascinating contrast. The country is home to jungle-shaded National Parks, cherished temples as well as warm beaches and culinary hotspots, there’s something to suit every kind of honeymooner. Explore the noodle bars in Bangkok or Chiang Mai’s sacred sites and take a break for R&R at the islands in Phuket as well as Phi Phi.


From eating barefoot on golden sands, to soaking in the sun’s warm lagoons and a romantic honeymoon in Fiji offers couples a luxurious experience. Imagine slumbering treatments in the spa, glowing sunsets and beachside villas.

Fiji is, naturally, isn’t just one island but 333 islands that are the basis of where tropical fantasies are made. Private island getaways such as the luxurious and extravagant Laucala and Kokomo represent the ideal that has inspired many honeymooners to book their ultimate getaway.

As with many islands, you have to be a fan of water to get the best enjoyment from your trip. Coconuts and palm trees line stunning beaches and lagoons that are as clear and sparkling as a perfect diamond, which is naturally ideal for snorkelling, swimming, diving, and surfing. There’s not any set schedule here, only endless hours of enjoying one another and the surroundings.

Phuket, Thailand

Mountains, rainforests and, of course, stunning beaches that are strewn with crystal clear water. The island of Andaman Sea is famous and has a good reason for that. The island is home to numerous picturesque spots that have been a well-known location for filming (The Beach and Bridget Jones to Star Wars and 007).


If you’re looking for a deserted area and a small number of tourists, look for a nation that isn’t even near the ocean. Island-hopping is still the most popular pastime along the stunning winding Mekong River, and that’s why Si Phan Don, or the 4,000 Islands, is located in Laos. It’s quiet and away from the tourist track and, therefore, a bit less luxurious accommodations.

If you’re married and love this kind of thing, it’s likely that there’s no doubt that you’ll thrive in exploring these islands. Here, you can try out new dishes and ride bikes through coconut and banana palms, stroll through Khymer temples, or locate the perfect place in the forest to enjoy the sunset.

That’s our list of tropical honeymoon destinations you should visit in your special moment with your beloved one. Experience the unforgettable moment with your perfect choice picked from our list!