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Trip to Yalta Ukraine – Visit The Great Attraction Named Swallow’s Nest Posted by

Yalta is a resort town on a Southern coast of Crimean peninsula, situated between Alushta and Sevastopol in about 100 km. from International airport in Simferopol. Yalta – is a “Southern capital of Ukraine”, the most important tourist destination in Crimea. Population is about 80,000 inhabitants. It is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea, surrounded by wooded mountains. It enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with many vineyards and orchards in the vicinity.

swallows nest in yalta ukraineThe term “The Greater Yalta” is used to designate a part of the Crimean southern coast spanning from Foros in the west to Gurzuf in the east and including the city of Yalta and multiple adjacent urban settlements (the area of the Greater Yalta is marked dark blue on the map).

Yalta is specific in variety of greenery, especially its old part which if watched from above seems a large park with some houses. Yalta is an acknowledged capital of resorts in the Crimea.
Yalta Attractions

Cafes, bars and restaurants situated on the shoreline are opened until late at night. Almost every restaurant and of course every night club has its own entertainment program. Also there are some casinos, bowling and billiards centers, minigolf, paintball, darts etc. Different zoos, aqua parks and dolphin centers are popular too. There are a large number of different excursions along the south shore.

The centre and harbor is a great place to walk around, but just beware of the local drivers as they tend not to give way for pedestrians. Traffic in the city in the summer months is heavy and you can be stuck in a jam if you go by a motor vehicle. Sometimes you may find it is much quicker to walk. The locals always dress up and walk around the harbor front at night – it’s a great way to pass the evening away, or you can watch the people go by by enjoying a drink at one of many cafes.
The most interesting places in Yalta:

Roffe swimming-pools
The city embankment
Armenian church (Zagorodnaya street)
Roman-Catholic church (Pushkinskaya street)
Yalta rope way, the lowest station of which is located close to hotel “Tavrida”, the way goes up to dome-shaped hill Darsan (140 m) where one can view a panorama of the city
Restored hotel “Tavrida” – the first hotel in Russia with escalators
James Zlatoust cathedral (Tolstoy street)
Alexander Nevsky cathedral (Sadovaya street)
Building of former generals’ sanatorium of Ministry of Defense, constructed in the Gothic castle style (Sverdlov street)
Emir Bukharsky palace (Kommunary street)
Zoo “Skazka” (“A Fairy-Tale”) (Kirov street).

Yalta museums

Yalta state museum of history and literature (Yalta, Pushkinskaya street, 5);
Department of pre-revolutionary culture of Yalta (Yalta, Yekaterininskaya street, 8);
Livadiya palace-museum (Yalta, settlement Livadiya);
Alexander III palace (Yalta, Massandra, Alexander III palace);
Yalta museum “A Fairy-tale Glade” (Yalta, Kirov street);
Chekhov house-museum (Yalta, Kirov street, 112);
Yalta house-museum of Lesya Ukrainka (Yalta, Katerininska street, 8).

Do not miss the Swallow’s Nest, a fantastical castle perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea (the castle was in fact designed for a German businessman by a U.S. architect).

Enjoy the refreshing ferry or hydrofoil ride between the resort towns along the coast. Alupka from which one can take a cable car to Mt. Ai-Petri for fabulous views and Miskhor with a beautiful beach are tourists’ favorite resorts. Special trips can be arranged to Sevastopol and Balaklava, two important sites in the Crimean War immortalized in the poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”

How to Getting There

There are no airport or train station in Yalta. One can get Yalta by bus (public transport) or taxi. See here a travel information about public transport in Crimea which describes how to find a bus station from International airport or railway terminal in Simferopol and also info about bus stations in Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol. Here: Ukraine train schedule – info about train connection from Kiev, Lvov and Odessa to Crimea.


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