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Trip to Norway – Its About Hiking, Cycling or Fishing

Trip to Norway. For those who might have a plan for Europe trips, perhaps you can try to stop by to Norway. Norway is one of European Monarchy country that is located along Scandinavian Peninsula, the western part of Europe. This country has been put in the second lowest position according to the number of citizen in Europe which is 4.9 millions of people. Even so, Norway is able to offer you lots of excitements more than you have expected before. There are five parts of Norway that give you different choices of attractions. They are Northern Norway, Southern Norway, Central Norway, Eastern Norway and Fjord Norway.

norwayGeographically, most areas in Norway cover with rough and rocky mountain, therefore the climate there usually deals with glacier which offers you some holiday activities such as hiking or glacier walking. Especially, by the time of summer, Oslo one of the warmest areas as well as the capital of Norway offer you the most popular hiking activity and extreme sports. However, still that, on its western part, there is beautiful North Atlantic Ocean coastline or also known as the famous Norway fjord. It is the best place for those who are fishing lovers.

Another interesting thing in Norway is when you spot the northern part of Norway. In this area, the climate is a bit different comparing to the other areas. Since it is located in the northernmost of the world, it has the same climate as in the poles areas. Thus, this Northern Norway experiences sunlight in unique ways. When the summer time arrives, the daylight of this area lasts for about 20 hours or more while at winter time, there will be no sun at all. Therefore, it is offers you midnight sun wildlife safaris, where you can enjoy all day of sunlight.


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