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Trip to Andorra: Seeing another Side of Europe

Have you been trip or travel to Andorra? Andorra is a small country lies in the middle of Spain and France. Visiting this place is like you visit another side of Europe which is so far away from the glamorous atmosphere. There are no skyscraper buildings, and or modern and luxurious villas. Most buildings in this country are more modest and most of them are made from stones. The people in Andorra mostly speak Spanish. The total width of the country is just like the width of Vatican and Liechtenstein joining into one. More interesting facts here that the people only cover about 8% of the whole country, the rest of it are jungles, lakes, river, and mountains.

andorra la vella-beautiful spain

So, what can you get in this small and modest country? First, try to have a look to its capital city, Andorra La Vella. There, you can see the government building which is so unique and relax at its beautiful park. Try also some food stalls surrounded to taste its traditional culinary like Catalonia (read-Catalunya). There is also a small market nearby that sells some old stuff like stamps and pins. All are including the foods that are sold in a very cheap price.

Next journey is the uniquely Miniature Museum named Microminiature Museum Nikolai Siadistry. Different from other common miniature museums, this museum firstly presents you a short documenter movie about Nikolai Siadistry, a Ukraine artist. Then, stepping into the next room, you will be able to see stuff inside big tubes. The things are so small, so you have to see it from giant loop or microscope set in front of each tube. All are such huge masterpieces through micro medium. Unbelievable!

As for your information, access to reach this country is quite limited. Most people choose to reach it from Barcelona by public bus. The ticket price is about 20 euro and it takes 3 hours journey. Another route is from Touluse, France. There are no flights or trains to Andorra. And even though it is a small country, Andorra is always full with visitors. Most people like to come here as this country is a tax free shopping country. You can shop any branded stuff in a very cheap price till drop. Can you imagine the trench coat that is sold in Germany with the price of 70 euro, could be bought here in just 20 euro? Or else, a beautiful spring-summer blouse can be bought only in 10 euro. Well, just make sure that, you have enough space in your luggage for the stuffs you will certainly die to buy.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan to go there for your next vacation. You will not disappointed at all.