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Traveling to Paris, the City of Thousand Theaters

Have you travel to Paris ? For those who are movie-goers, going to theaters to enjoy new movies are always on the top of your daily list. If you have more free time on your next holiday, try Paris!

According to the World Cities Culture Report site, Paris is not only famous for its romantic stuff, but it has been so many years that Paris has the most movie theaters in all over the world as well. Imagine that, more than three hundreds movie theaters are spread in every corner of Paris. Those three hundred theaters mean thousands studios to be enjoyed by the moviegoers from all parts of the world.

Le Grand Rex movie theater

Le Grand Rex Paris

Once you plan to taste the feeling of movie watching in Paris theaters, you must not miss this number one list, Le Grand Rex Movie Theater. Le Grand Rex is the biggest cinemas in all Paris. It fits approximately more than two thousand moviegoers per movie screening. Moreover, this cinema is not just a common cinema. By the time you sit inside the theater, make sure that you turn your head up to see its ceiling. It is not a common theater’s ceiling which has nothing but dark. Its ceiling is painted blue with the addition of clouds decoration, just exactly like the sky portrayal. The decorated is due to its theater’s function, which is not only as a cinema but as the stage theater and for music concert as well.

Beside this cinema, you must not miss another movie theater called Le Balzac either. This cinema is located at the Rue Balzac 1. It is also as famous as the first one. However, this theater is a bit different than the previous one; it takes the opposite concept, which is ocean. So, everything is based on ocean concept.

If you take the vacation with your family and kids, try the Cinema Chaplin Denfert. Located along the Plaza Denfert stores, this small theater is special for playing cartoon movies. Slightly different from Le Latina Theater, it is a special theater for South of America’s movies only. Watching movie in this theater, you are not just watching but you can join the movie community and discussion that is usually held after the movie over.

Another unique theater is held only on summer. It is usually held in between last week of July to August. This theater is held open air or outdoor, particularly in its city park of Parc de la Villete. You can watch the movie in open air, sitting on the grass as well as enjoying the night stars. So travelers, interested in traveling to Paris?


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