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Travel to Bermuda Island

Bermuda is a group of subtropical paradise islands with pink beaches, blue sea and natural beauty. Bermuda is a group of 138 islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean Sea. The clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean rich in shipwrecks, coral reefs and colorful fish species provide excellent snorkeling and scuba diving around Bermuda. A favorite beach holiday destination, Bermuda is also home to numerous fortresses, museums and the oldest continually inhabited British town in the Western Hemisphere.

bermuda islandsBermuda is a habitat zone of the northernmost corals in the Atlantic, and the reefs attract a huge variety of colorful tropical creatures such as angel fish, surgeon fish and clown fish. Unfortunately, dangerous marine life, like jellyfish “Portuguese military ship”, are also abound in the waters of Bermuda, especially in the period between March and July. Bermuda enjoys a pleasant mild and humid subtropical climate year round. There is no rainy season in Bermuda, but the islands are prone to hurricanes from June to November, and strong winds are common in winter. Unlike in the Caribbean, the peak season for tourism in Bermuda is from April to June, which is also the best season for swimming and diving.
Bermuda Island Attractions

There is many to see and do on this island, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the East coast of the US. The Beautiful pink-sand beaches by the clear, blue waters of the Atlantic are one of the main attractions of Bermuda. Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most famous beach on Bermuda, but there are numerous fine beaches throughout the islands. The shallow, crystal clear waters and the fascinating underwater world with shipwrecks and corals are ideal for snorkeling and diving in Bermuda. Several water sports centers on Bermuda offer windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing and other water sports.

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The most spectacular museum in Bermuda, the Bermuda Maritime Museum at the Royal Naval Dockyard is one of the main attractions on the islands. The large museum area offers breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean consists of fortresses, shipwrecks and displays maritime art. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the historic town of St. George is the oldest continually inhabited British settlement in the Western Hemisphere and ideal for sightseeing. In the colonial streets surrounded by beautiful buildings the time seems to have stopped.

You can also visit the fine Aquarium and Zoo in Bermuda. Visit to the magical Crystal Caves, that contain spectacular stalactites and underground saltwater pools, is an unforgettable experience. You can also admire the many historical lighthouses on Bermuda, watch birds at Bermuda Botanical Gardens or Paget Marsh or go horseback riding in the hilly interior of Bermuda.

Where to Stay

More than half a million people visit Bermuda annually. There is a wide selection of hotels in Bermuda. In the numerous restaurants in Bermuda you can taste local delicacies such as freshly caught seafood. What comes to the nightlife in Bermuda, there are plenty of bars, pubs and some nightclubs on the islands. The price level in Bermuda is relatively high compared to some Caribbean destinations.
Getting There

There are regular scheduled flights to Bermuda from North America and Europe. During the summer months the islands receive also many cruises to Bermuda.

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Public transportation in Bermuda consists of buses and ferries. Ferries are an ideal way of sightseeing the beautiful islands and islets of Bermuda. Horse and carriage rides are also a popular form of transportation among visitors. There are no agencies offering car rental on Bermuda. However, rental mopeds are widely available. The towns in Bermuda are small enough to be toured on foot. Taxis are easy to find at the airport and in the hotels of Bermuda. Driving is on the left side of the road.

Taking the adventure into the incredible natural features of Bermuda Island is a lot more interesting. It is like going on a trip to a jungle far away from home, so everything is cool and amazing in this trip.


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