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Travel Tips for Backpakers

If you think that traveling is your hobby, you will eagerly try to taste different experience of traveling by doing it in Backpackers style. When traveling might cost lots of money, backpacker style does thing in reverse, it is cheaper and simpler, still that, it contains more risk and challenges compare to the common traveling style. So, if you want to enrich your traveling experience and lots cheaper than traveling package, perhaps you should give a try to this kind of traveling style.

tips for backpackersBackpacker itself comes from the word backpack which means the bag for your back. So, the backpackers are usually signed by people do travelling with a big bag on their back. The signature characteristic of backpack is not chosen for no reasons. Backpack symbolizes simplicity, since the traveling itself is more for adventure and practical traveling. However, backpacker traveling causes more risks than the common one, therefore, several things as followed should be taken as your considerations before starting your backpacker journey :
1. Backpack

Doing backpacker traveling is mainly used backpack instead of suitcase or any other handbag. By carrying a backpack, it will be easier for us doing the movement one place to another. There are various sizes of backpack; it depends on our needs, how long we will go traveling and size of our body posture.

backpacker travel tips
2. Place to stay

If you have decided to be backpackers, forget about stay overnights at high star quality hotel. As a backpacker, you have to barter your glamorous hotel into a low budget hotel (Click Here to Find a low budget hotel). Being a backpacker is all about deep diving the whole life and culture of the place you visit, so staying at hotel is just for keeping the stuff and sleeping.
3. How to get there

Do the research, not only about the place we want to visit, but also about what transportation we are going to use. Searching for the cheapest is not limited to bus or train only, nowadays, there are lots of cheap flights offered by some flight company. However, the cheap ticket can only be afforded on one condition, you have to start search and book it, at least 2 months before. One more tip, do not choose weekend as your time, since weekend fare is commonly much more expensive than in work days. If you choose bus or train, it is better to choose the night one, it saves one day for hotel booking, since you will arrive at the destination in the morning and be able to directly go around the tourism sites rather than checking it at the hotel first.
4. Be prepared

Going somewhere must be aware with the season and its situation; this is useful for you in choosing what stuff and clothes you should bring. Don’t forget to bring the important travel documents such as your ID card, passport, flight ticket and others. A compass and tourism place maps are also important. Last but not least, your personal and general medicines, as well as camera to capture your moment there.

So, are you interested to give a try? If yes, as long as your body fit enough and you have a time for doing it, then do it with no doubt.


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