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Tourist Guide to London

London is one of the best attractions in Europe. Millions of tourists all around the world visit this city every year and always want to revisit afterwards. There are so many reasons why this capital city of England can draw so much attraction from the world. Its glorious history, beautiful landmarks, and luxurious accommodations are the few examples from so many other reasons. If you are planning to visit London in the future, this tourist guide to London will help you to find the most amazing things in this city.
tourist guide to London

tourist guide to London

First, you will learn about the hotels in London. Like in other tourist destinations, hotel rates are usually very pricey. Thus, choosing the right hotel that suits your budget is very important. Luckily, not all of the hotels in London are expensive. Some offer acceptable facilities as well as reasonable room rates. The Hide hotel and London House hotel are the best choices if your budget is minimal. For larger budget, you can stay at Covent Garden Hotel, The Dorchester, Hyatt Regency London (The Churchill) or St. Pancras Renaissance.

After your hotel, now you have to know the places that you have to visit in London. The first place that has magnetic pull for tourists in London is Bloomsbury. Lined with many historical buildings, this area is perfect to be explored on foot. The sights that you will find here are the British Museum, Charles Dickens Museum, the British Library, the University of London, and still many others.

Next, you can head to the city to see the beautiful architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is built in the 7th century. There are also the famous Bank of England, the museum of London, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London which will impress you with their unique, classical and spectacular architectures.

Greenwich is another destination that should be on the top of your visiting list. Located about 8 miles to the east from central London, this area is the home to the Old Royal Observatory, a building where the time of every part of this planet is measured. If you ever hear the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), this is where it comes. You can also learn about the greatness of the British maritime history at the National Maritime Museum situated in this area.

Still many places you have to see in London. Yet, if you only have a short time, the next one that you should not miss is the Thames Upstream. This area consists of four fashionable districts—Chiswick, Richmond, Kew and Putney— and offers you some romantic old streets, great pubs nestling at water’s edge, horticultural delights as well as the famous Henry VIII’s fiendish outdoor labyrinth of the Hampton Court Palace.


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