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Top Travel Destinations for Family Vacations in USA

It will be great if we have a chance to have a vacation in the united states with our family. It is because there are various sites to offer, starting from historical sites, national parks or the big nature tourism sites. The United States is the fourth biggest country according to the extensive of the area. It is also one of the most powerful and modern country of all. And if you plan to visit this big country, I can give you some interesting places; you probably want to put them into your U.S trip agenda.

Here are Top Destination in the United States :
1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

This site is one of the sites made naturally from geological process. It is the sites where you can spoil your eyes with stunning natural view, a bright color of canyon carved naturally by the sandy flood. Among all the American’s canyons, the whole appearance, the view surrounded, the depth and the wide of the area are all perfect for people to watch and explore the whole sides of this natural phenomenon.

2. Niagara Falls

niagara falls

Being located at the border of New York and Ontario, Canada, this waterfall is considered as the most powerful waterfalls of all. The strong fall of the water is unbelievable. People from all over the world like to go there to have a closer look to this magnificent phenomenon. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you will be able to see a rainbow circling the area of the fall. Some people said that the best time to see this fall is at night time. At that time, you cannot only see the stunning fall, but also how it becomes more incredible spotted by lamps from the both sides of the fall.

3. Disneyland, Anaheim, California


Comparing to the two sites I mention earlier, this site is a totally different tourism spot. If you do the travel with your kids or if you seek for a trip pure for fun, you must not miss the chance to visit the Disneyland in Anaheim, California. I think, most people have already known what Disneyland is. For more than 50 years, Disneyland has become the most visited amusement park of all. Not only in this state, but also some other big countries have built other Disneyland, like for example, in Japan and France. There, you can find lots of rides to be tried; also hundreds of fictional characters created by Disney will obviously draw a big smile to your kids all day long.

4. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

yellowstone national park-usa

If you plan to have a complete package to the U.S. Located in the state of Wyoming, this national park has become the home of many wild animals and waterfalls. There are provided several days package just to explore the park. Not only you can see hundreds of falls and animals, but you can also do the mount climbing, cycling, shopping or gathering with family and lots of culinary that have been set there. (Read : Yellowstone National Park)

All in all, spending your time in the U.S will not enough only for one holiday, since there are many more places you must visit. For instances, some historical sites in the DC, the summer beaches in Hawaii, the glamorous world stars in Hollywood or else world’s top shopping center in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to the united states and have family vacations in USA.


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