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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece for Your Family Vacation

Greece is the land of Gods and Goddess of the earth. That is something we can conclude when we watch the movies. In fact, Greece is one of the best places on the world. It is so shameful if you have the money to go abroad for a vacation but don’t choose Greece as your destination. Here, we will give 5 reasons to visit Greece.

beautiful view of greece

beautiful view of greece

1) Here you can visit the world’s famous archeological sites. There is the ancient city of Gortyn where you can observe the famous Gortyn Code and the basilica of St. Titus as well as many other monuments and temples. Next, you can head to Akrotiri. This once-buried Minoan town is located on the island of Santorini. For more view of the Greece’s past, you can also visit the monasteries of Meteora, Knossos, Mycenae, Museum of Prehistoric Thira and Vravrona.

2) Greece is the home of many fabulous beaches. The cool breeze, pristine sand, blue sky and aquamarine sea completed with plenty of sunshine are something that you can enjoy while you are relaxing on the beaches of Greece. Some of the best beaches here are Paradise Beach in Mykono, Red Beach in Santorini, Red Beach in Matala, Crete Sweetwater (Glyko Nero) Beach in Crete and Banana Beach in Skiathos. Don’t be surprised if you see some tourist sunbathing without any clothes on their body because it is common here.

3) Greece is the best place for a romantic vacation. That is the third reason why you should visit this country. Greece has long been chosen to be the destination of wedding and honeymoon of millions of people in the world. If you are not married yet or have had your honeymoon, it is not a problem. Everyone has the right of a lovely romance here no matter how old his relationship is.

4) You need to taste the authentic Greek food since the Greek food outside of this country can never taste the same like what you eat here. If the less original Greek food is so popular in the world, you can imagine what the original one will taste like.

5) Do you remember how many movies that use Greece as their shooting location? The answer is, of course, so many. That is the last reason why you should go to Greece: to visit those places and recall the memory. Usually those locations were picked by the moviemaker because they are beautiful, historical and represent the image of Greece – all the more reasons why you should go there.


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