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Top Destinations in Europe for A Family Vacation

Among many places you can visit during your holiday trip to Europe, I bet some of you will find difficulties to make a choice, which places should be your choice. Therefore, I will give you several options, what places I consider as the best European tourism sites.

Here you are the Top Destinations in Europe :

1. Eiffel Tower, France

Eiffel has been known for decades as one of the world’s most famous landmark. It is said that one of the reasons is because the structure of the tower is the one and only in this world. With the height of more than 900 feet, this tower has become a main attraction to all tourists who visit France. They also call it as the tower of love, as it has beautiful sparkling light at night with the whole city view from above. There is no wonder that many people come from far away just to purpose their girls or have an engagement moment there.

2. Acropolis, Greece

Acropolis is one of the world’s biggest historical sites ever. It is located in the city of Athena; present you the remarkable architectures and buildings made from stones, which describes the remaining of Roman Empire along with the historical believing of Greek’s God and Goddess.

3. The Roman Coliseum, Italy

Italy is one of the famous countries in Europe. Many people come from all over the world just to spend their whole holiday traveling around this entire country. One of the Italy’s sites is the Roman Coliseum. It is an old giant theater that is built in a remarkable ancient architecture. It was used to be a theater where you can see a gladiator competition. But nowadays, even it cannot be used anymore; the government still preserves it and it become one of historical sites in Italy.

Top Destination in Europe

Beside this Coliseum, Italy has some other cities, like Venice, the city of romantic gondolas; Milan, the city of world’s fashion; as well as Bologna, the city of pastas.

City  of London

City of London

4. London, England

England is so famous with its royal kingdom. They, the British people, are very proud of their kingdom and preserve it so well. Going to England, particularly to its capital city of London, you can enjoy some tourism sites such as the London Bridge, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. Beside its royal and historical sites, London is also known for its culinary tourism.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known as the city of football as well as its famous tourism sites. There are hundreds of historical buildings and museums here. As the city of sports, there are many huge sport events held in this city, let me mention, the Barcelona Olympiad which becomes one of the world’s most attractive event for travelers all over the world.


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