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Top Destination Wedding Locations in US

Choosing the best location is one of the ways to make your wedding party perfectly done. When you live in such this very big city, perhaps you find a bit difficulty to choose a place that is far away from any distractions of city life. Searching a place which is calm and fresh in the US might not be many choices, but I have some places nearby that will take your dreaming wedding into reality.

wedding locations in united states

Here are top destination wedding locations in US, resumed from many reference :

1. Central Park, New York

You might think impossible to have such a romantic and quiet place in this big and busy state, but let me tell you, just right at the heart of Manhattan, the Central Park, you can have a great offer of a perfect wedding ever. Right here, in the Central Park, there is a park or I might say it as a little jungle, since it is so green and fresh with a beautiful lake in the middle, will give you the best experience of wedding party spot. The good things of all are at least, you don’t have to go outside of town, if you live there and have bunch of works to be done.

2. Maui, Hawaii

For some people, they might have a dream wedding just like Hawaiian wed. Celebrate the party near the beach, with a sunny day of sunshine, warm weather and sand. Then, why should you take a long time to dream? Since, it is not possible to hold a wedding party there. Hawaii, particularly at Maui Island, offers you many wonderful beaches to be chosen. If you want to have a quiet beach, you can find them at the Southern part of it. Meanwhile, if you prefer a crowded yet still beautiful, you might find them on the Western side of the main island.

3. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s biggest waterfalls. It is particularly located in the Ontario States of Canada. Many people come to witness the magnificent of this great waterfall. It opens during the whole years, summer to winter and vice versa. When it is warm, the beauty of the fall is so breathtaking to be seen, while at the wintertime, some water is just freeze and it is beyond believed. Celebrating the wedding can be in the hotel that has a direct panorama of the fall, or you can create it on the cruise ship while it sails under the fall.

4. Aspen, Colorado

Have a plan to marry on wintertime? Try to choose the Aspen that is located in Colorado. Not only you can experience the great ski resort in all over US, but you can also witness the stunning view of the ice snowy mountain of the wintertime. There, there is also a restaurant that offer you a romantic dinner party, which is great to welcome and treat the guesses, as well as you can directly spend the honeymoon time there, playing the ski.

5. Miami, Florida

In this area, you can find many resort or hotels you can choose to have your wedding reservation. As it is located near the sea, Miami offers you some beautiful beaches with soft sand and the best restaurants nearby. Not only you can get the romantic wedding celebration, but after the marriage, you can have some fun sea activities with your love, like snorkeling, diving, swimming, canoeing, fishing and so on.


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