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6 Top Travel Destination in Turkey

Turkey has been known widely as a place for its massive cultural matters. As it is located in both continents, Asia and Europe, surely, you can predict its countless cultures spread from edge to edge. These multicultural aspects, indeed, affect its tourism sites. We cannot have a multicultural tourism sites without any multicultural aspects behind it, right? So, if this is what you are searching for a vacation, then prepare yourself to join the Turkey’s ride with me. Here are top destination in Turkey that ready to explore:

1. Aspendos Theatre

aspendos theatre-turkeyAs both culture blended into one, perhaps this massive theatre takes Europe culture for the majority concept. Historically, it was build during the empire of Roman very long time ago. It has seat more or less enough for 20.000 people at once. So, whenever you visit Turkey, make sure to stop by to one of these most historical building.

2. Patara Beach

Especially if you do summer activity, would not be enough without lying down and chilling at the beach. Turkey is famous as well for its Mediterranean coast; therefore, visiting this Pattaya Beach is a must. The whitey sand and remote area, where you can hardly find many buildings here, but only a small café, make it a perfect place to escape from noisy life in downtown.
Patara Beach Turkey

Patara Beach

3. Pamukkale

Known with the name of “Cotton Castle”, I rather say that this site is an unreal landscape. The white terrace made from sedimentary rocks, is just beautiful. There are pools, hot pools to be exact, which you can have a bath there. There are also temples and other Greek monuments around, perfect for you who want to enjoy the history.
Pamukkale turkey

Pamukkale Pool

4. Mount Nemrut

One word only to describe this site is epic. Located at the high mountain of Southeastern Turkey, you will be able to witness many kinds of huge statues made from stones representing animals, or Greek and Persian Gods. You must not forget to visit this site, as these majestic treasures won’t ever be in other places.
Mount Nemrut turkey

Mount Nemrut

5. Library of Celsus

Do you want to see other treasures from the Roman past, then try visiting these library ruins, which becomes a popular destination in west coast area. You can take some pictures, and it will look so epic. You can also touch and feel the historical remaining, which are so priceless nowadays.
Library of Celsus Turkey

Library of Celsus

6. Hagia Sophia

Located at its capital city, Istanbul, it is a majestic building from Eastern Roman Emperor back in the sixth century. It is actually a massive dome, with varied historical background. Once it used as church in the 1200s, and a mosque as well, in the 15th century. Now, it becomes a highly museum destination. You are not visiting Turkey, if not visiting this masterwork museum.