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Top 3 Exotic and Romantic Honeymoon Places

Exotic and Romantic Honeymoon Places

After having a big and memorable wedding with your family and friends, it feels like a must, to have one lifetime moment that is only between you and your special one. Some days honeymoon are the perfect time to enjoy the time for two, forget about the real world, and also to celebrating a new phase of love together.

romantic honeymoon placesSearching a place to do the honeymoon could be a bit challenging as there are so many great places in the world. It may spend more time to do some research of exotic and luxurious places. However, some places are indeed born to be the best spots for honeymoon. Here are the places where you can find the mixing of both classic and luxurious taste blending with romantic side which only a few people knew.

1. Paris

Thinking about the romantic place, all eyes will come to the capital city of France, Paris. It has been thousands of years; European cities offer you remarkable landscapes as well as the friendly environment of the people. However, even though it has been known for its greatness, only a few couples consider it as their honeymoon destinations. Perhaps, it is because many people think, going to European cities will spend an arm and a leg on everything. In fact, with a nicely plan in advance you can make it all without spending too much. Book the airline and hotel earlier, I guarantee you can have a cheaper price in all.

Make it as an unforgettable moment by booking the most luxurious one, the Waldorf Madeleine hotel and or another famous one in Concorde Montparnasse hotel where you can find one of the best hotel restaurants in France. Some sites like its museums and cathedrals, even the most famous and obligated to be visited, the Eiffel Tower, you may visit them all in much cheaper prices if you come just in the right time.

2. The Caribbean

Try to think outside the box whenever you plan something like honeymoon. If you have decided the place, try to do differently than a common honeymoon. Visit the sites and or do something that a few did. Think about an exotic place to do honeymoon, nothing better than these islands of Caribbean. Yet, don’t just come in a usual way; try the plan of booking a 7-day luxury cruise rather than staying in a hotel or resort.

There are several package of cruise offered. Every cruise has its own route, so you wouldn’t just stick in one place. One day you are here, the next day you will move to another island. In every place, you can also have a street walking to some clothing small shops and or restaurants. Some other time, you may like to have a package of spa and or chill out in your private balcony with your spouse to be.

As the ship stop in multiple destinations, you can have a variety exploring in every turn. Exploring the tropical rainforest, strolling along its beaches and or do the snorkeling are some of the great activities you shouldn’t miss. Even the extreme one like mountain climbing and parasailing are also great to be spent in your lovely honeymoon.

3. Hawaii

Honeymoon is identical with beaches and warm weather. My third best choice where you can get the beach and the warm is the iconic spot, Hawaii. But don’t do a common thing which is just enjoying the beach, in fact, there are ample more fun and changeling activities, such as having a helicopter tours to the volcanoes area. As a matter of fact, Hawaii was built in around many active volcanoes. Besides taking the chopper, you can also explore the beautiful of its rain forest. Even though, Hawaii beaches are known for its best surfing spots, for honeymoon, seems like do the snorkeling to see the beautiful undersea world of fish and coral, is a greater choice as it is more romantic and can be done together.

Last but not least, it will never be enough traveling here without enjoying the sun set in your private balcony while seeing the scene of whales and dolphins from its horizon shore.

The whole point to create the romantic and different honeymoon is to make the whole plan earlier in time. Spend more time to do more research as this is the time that you will keep for years to come.


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