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Top 10 Best Family Vacation Spots in Vietnam

the best ten places to visit in vietnamVisiting the South-East of Asia may be a great idea to be spent in your summertime holiday with your family. From all countries lie beneath that area, you may find some choices of destinations. One of them is Vietnam. This country has recently attracted many visitors to come. Therefore, if you are one of those who have already planned to go there, the tourism spots below will help you to arrange your Vietnam holiday trip. Here are the ten best places to visit in vietnam :

1. Halong Bay

Never let this site becomes your last destination. This is what makes Vietnam is Vietnam. What I mean is that this is the icon of Vietnam. A beautiful archipelago complete with beaches, beautiful sea and white sand. What remarkable things about this site is its three thousands limestone spread all over the area. There are also some caves that can make you think for many hidden treasure inside. To enjoy the site, you can join the cruise or rent a small traditional boat, a kind like small canoe to go around the bay.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels

This site is one of the interesting historical sites in Vietnam. Built in 250 km long, these tunnels were used by the Viet Cong as their hiding place during the Vietnam War. These were also the place where all the Viet Cong did including the place for saving the weapon and foods as well as the place for meeting and giving the command. Exploring this site could be one of your thrilling experience as we have to crawl deep down inside, in order to explore the whole tunnels.

3. Mekong Delta

This site has run the major trading particularly at the Vietnam Southern part. Thus, if you surely have a chance, you can have a trip along the Mekong Delta. While you sitting on the boat, you can see the floating markets in every side of the delta. Those colorful markets are known as the Cai Rang and Cai Be market. As they are floating, usually they use a long pole to transfer their goods from boat to land.

4. Hue

Hue is one of the provinces in Vietnam. From all the modern influence in some areas, Hue belongs to the place where the ancient heritage from the past remains still until now. Visiting Hue, you can enjoy some activities, like exploring along its river and seeing some historical monuments. The historical sites are for instance the Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda and the Supreme Peace Palace.

5. Ho An

Perhaps, among all the sites, this small town of Ho An is one of the most favorite Vietnam sites for travelers. The city that is preserved in both ancient and modern, offers you variety traveling sites. There are art and craft shops where you can buy the traditional handmade souvenirs; there are also tailors where you can buy clothes or fabric that cost much cheaper than in other places. Moreover, you can also visit some historical temples, beaches and or try to do the Vietnamese cooking.

6. Sapa Must Visit Places in Vietnam

Another challenging place in Vietnam is in Sapa. The small town which you can find the genuine people in Vietnam, which are the Black Hmong and the Red Dzao, both of them are the ethnic minority in Vietnam. Reaching those tribe civilizations, you have to do quite long way trekking through the green valleys. Visiting this place, you will experience the different side of Vietnamese’s urban life.

7. Phu Quoc Island

This site is actually a tropical island where you can see many beautiful beaches and some fishing villages. There are also mountains and dense forests in this area. It may sound too wild and dangerous, but actually, the area of forests and mountains are set to be used for walking or even hiking, so it is a hundred percent safe.

8. Ho Chi Minh City

Want to know the detail of Vietnam history? Then, you must go to this city. There are some tourist destinations which are reflecting the history of Vietnam. They are the War Remnants and Revolution Museum as well as the Reunification Palace. Some pagodas and temples are also worth for a visit.

9. Hanoi

This city is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam. Here, you can find many kinds of markets and shops. You can also have a road to the former president, Ho Chi Minh final resting place. Or else, you can watch the theater in the Municipal Water Puppet, just nearby the Hoan Kiem Lake.

10. Cookery School

This site is one of the most famous Vietnamese cuisines spot. Beside you can taste variety kinds of Vietnamese culinary, you can also try to do the cook by yourself. The Vietnamese foods are actually made from lots of herbs ingredients like Thai basil, lemongrass and so on, that is why, their foods come up to be healthier and more fragrant.



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