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Things You Should Bring When Traveling by Plane

As we know, wallet, cell phone, personal identification and personal documents are those things that must be taken when traveling, including when you are traveling by plane.

But you should know that there are some other important things that must be taken so that your journey became comfortable.

With a cheap air fare, airlines do not provide snacks or blankets for free. You are required to pay for the service if you want to enjoy it. Therefore, here is the list of things you should bring when you go traveling by plane.

1. Personal Medicine and moisturizer

Don’t forget to always bring your personal medicine. This medication should always bring wherever you go. It better if these drugs always exist in your backpack, making it easy to find when you need it.

In addition to personal medicine, you should also always carry a moisturizer for your skin and lips. The air in the cabin is really cool and it will definitely make your skin and lips dry.

Another thing you should consider when carrying medicines and moisturizers is that you should make sure the rules at airport – don’t bring fluid more than 100 ml.

2. Gadget or Books

Don’t forget to bring a gadget or books. If you feel bored with your trip, then you can use your gadgets, such as tablets, iPod, Smartphone, laptop or other gadgets, to relieve your boredom. With this gadget, you can watch movies, listen to music or even play games.

There is one thing that you should to consider, use earphones when you play your gadgets, do not disturb other passengers.

3. Snacks

There are several airlines that provide snacks and meals during the flight. But some others sell snacks during the flight, and you should buy it if you feel hungry. This is the importance of bringing snacks in air travel.

Some airlines allow passengers to carry mineral water on cabin. Don’t forget to bring gum or candy to relieve ear pain when the plane took off.

4. Jacket or sweater

As we know that inside the cabin are cool, some passengers sometimes feel cold. Jacket or sweater will warm your body. Jackets and sweaters are very important to carry while on a plane. You can also bring scarves and socks to warm your body.

5. Credit Card

Not every traveler has a credit card. But these things are important enough to be taken while on airplane. Many airlines are offering payment by credit card for the purchase of food, beverage, entertainment and WiFi.

Credit cards are also used as an alternative payment if you don’t carry cash money.


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