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The Best Shopping Streets in the World

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Shopping can never be separated when we talk about traveling agenda. Especially when we do travel to places, we’ve never been before and perhaps the traveling you do is kind like once in a lifetime opportunity, you seem less possible to come back, to buy pieces that represent the site we visit then becomes a necessary thing to do. For women who tend to love shopping, it is an obvious obligation, but for men, it might become least favorite agenda. Yet, once you visit the places I will mention below, if you are about to go there on your next vacation, I’ll make sure you not to miss the opportunity to step the feet to these world’s quality, the best shopping streets in the world.

1. Fifth Avenue, NYC

As one of the busiest cities in the States, the New York City, in particular the mid town of Manhattan lays the fifth avenue spreading in between the 49th up to 60th streets. Most of the shops are high class boutiques selling the dresses made by high quality designers. For women, many branding clothes are sold here, like Prada, or Versace. For men, not to worry, the NBA store, or even high technology gadgets in the amazing Apple Store can be the alternatives. But not only the shops, there are also Museum Mile and other interesting museums, so that you can have more agenda than just shopping.

2. Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Visiting LA mustn’t be forgotten to step into the most exclusive and expensive shopping place in the area. Many Hollywood celebrities drop by for hours to find pieces of expensive jewelry, and or glamorous clothes. Some of the famous brands sold here are the Jimmy Choo Shoes, Tiffany’s diamonds, Bottega Veneta bags, and so on.
Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

3. The Magnificent Mile, Chicago

The great thing about this shopping center is its massive area squared, that inside it, there are hundreds of stores, restaurants, and even museums. Thus, not only you can enjoy the shopping sites, but other enjoyable things else as well.
The Magnificent Mile

4. Bond Street, London

Located at the West End district, this Bond Street has become one of the luxury shopping sites. You can find many high quality stuffs here; even it has the signatures of world designers’ showrooms like Louis Vuitton, Versace, Armani, or Chanel. Some high class jewelry stores also can be found lots here. Another good thing is that you can still find some smaller boutiques that sold the goods with more bargain prices.
Bond Street London

5. Orchard Road, Singapore

Whenever people visit Singapore, Orchard Road has becomes the places rarely missed by the tourists as a place to hang out. There, you can find some big shopping malls, boutiques, even sidewalk cafes. In certain times, there will be some entertainment performance and or night attraction, to entertain the visitors.

6. PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam

Move to the land of Europe, we will meet the same scene as the fifth avenue, in Amsterdam called as the PC Hoofstraat. It may not as big as in the NYC, but it has been set to fill the need of such a great quality shopping site. There, you can find styles and elegances coming from big brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Hermes. Even more, the whole site is well kept and very clean.

7. Bagdat Avenue, Istanbul

Actually, there are quite shopping sites in Istanbul. Even, more popular and expensive than this place, but if you get a chance to visit Istanbul, try to have some steps in this shopping site, Bagdat Avenue, and then I guarantee, you will not be regretful. Set like roads in Paris, with trees and such kinds, some boutiques as well as sidewalk cafes, for those who want to sit and sip a cup of coffee.
Bagdat Avenue

8. Via Monte Napoleone, Milan

Even it gain less popularity than the previous time, Via Monte Napoleone is still served you the exclusive and fashionable styles. Starts from Hollywood celebrities up to royalty family have been here for shopping.
Via Monte Napoleone

9. Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich

Set as the pedestrian street, no cars or buses around make this place worth a visit. The lines of street are full with stores. So spending your time strolling down and do the window shopping here. Do not forget to taste the atmosphere of peaceful and relaxed by the waterfront nearby.

10. Rue du Faubourg St-Honore, Paris

Lastly, if you want to have pieces from Paris, try to visit the Rue du Faubourg, which is located just behind the Elysee Palace. There you can find many choices, starting from the most expensive ones, up to the affordable but still high quality stuffs.