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Taj Mahal – India: The Symbol of Eternal Love

Traveling to India is never complete without stepping your feet into one India’s icon of tourism, Taj Mahal. For its people themselves, Taj Mahal is their pride. Most country incomes are also from people visiting Taj Mahal. Those people excitedly visit India just to see in eyes, the glory of this building. Historically, Taj Mahal was built by King Shah Jehan in 15th century. It did not take months to build just like our nowadays buildings, but it needed approximately 22 years to finish the entire building. As you can imagine, 22 years to perfection means that Taj Mahal is literally perfect.

taj mahal in indiaBeyond the marvelous history behind the build of it, Taj Mahal also symbolizes the grand of love. It is because the king built it to remain his deepest love to his former queen, Mumtaz Mahal. So, if you think you are great enough as a husband and buy your wife a luxurious car, don’t be so proud of yourself. Since you are even not that close with what this king was able to do to his wife. Yep, no one could do better than this king. Overall, Taj Mahal is made from white marble stones which look so clean and elegant. It was built near Yamuna River with 16 gardens and 53 fountains. Every side in this building is so well maintain. Tidy and clean. The main part of this palace is located exactly in the middle of it which is the Mumtaz graveyard as well as the king’s beside it. Actually those are not the real graves. The real graveyards are just precisely under the artificial ones. They only open it on the day when they celebrate king’s birthday. The celebration will take 3 days in a row. In this special occasion, all visitors are allowed to come to the palace, free from any charge.

Getting There

To getting here, you can search via internet what flight that can go directly to India. The simpler thing is to follow the tours and travels. Tours to India are commonly cheaper comparing to other country. Or if you want to travel alone, it will be okay as well, since there are lots of backpackers communities spread along in India. For the local transportation, you can have taxi or if it is near you can use its cycle rickshaw, an India traditional transportation. There are wide range variety of hotels and inns, you can book for. Just make sure you can book it in advance and suit to your budget. There are 51 hotels found near Taj Mahal. Click Here to Find the Hotel.


Perhaps Taj Mahal is just an old building, just the same as Borobudur in Indonesia or the Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. However, what amazing toward this building is it can survive for more than 300 years, with no damages at all. It can also survive among the mess of India’s live and poorness. And I could agree more with a description said by poet, Rabindanath Tagore. He said that Taj Mahal is “A tear drop on the face of eternity”. It is sincere and touching our hearts, how love can have huge impact to someone’s live and bring fortune to someone else in the future.


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