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Särkänniemi Adventure Park Finlandia – the Official Angry Birds Park

Are you an Angry Birds fan? A favorite game that designed by Rovio Entertainment, Finland. Now you can enjoy Angry Birds in the real world. Finland has built a park named Särkänniemi Adventure Park, the first Angry Birds park in the world which has officially licensed of Angry Birds. This park opened in June this year.

angry birds park-sarkanniemi russiaSärkänniemi Angry Birds Park would be an alternative tourist destination, the official, legitimate, and a little more sophisticated than the Angry Bird Park which is not licensed that open in China in September last year.

Based on the official information released by Miika SEPALA, CEO Särkänniemi, “Some birds are migrating,” which refers to a rides that is still not complete. This park was built with an investment fund worth millions of euros, and is a collaboration between Särkänniemi (most popular amusement park in Finland) and the Angry Birds game developer, Rovio Entertainment.

This park was built in the part area of Särkänniemi Park and visitors will be charged a ticket fee of € 19-35, or about US $ 25-46. The ticket includes the fee for all rides in Särkänniemi Park, including the Angry Birds Adventure Park.

You’ll find 12 rides and attractions several other shows, adventure game, a few shops serving snacks and meals, and of course Angry Birds game.

As planned in the coming year, this adventure park also will add another attraction for the next summer holiday. According to other reports (e.g., Eurogamer), the park will also feature a “Magic Place” in the near future. While it is not specifically said, perhaps this is related to Angry Birds Magic.

Prove it if you’re an angry birds fan. Conquer the existing rides as well as when you play it on your smartphone.


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