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Salzburg Music Festival – Music Lovers will Never Miss It

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Having the magnificent Alps mountains as the background, Austria has grown rapidly as one of the most beautiful country of all Europe. One of Austria’s states that give huge contribution of this growing is Salzburg, the capital city of Salzburg’s state. Salzburg has been more than a century that Salzburg is the popular destination for many people all over the world. Since, people like to enjoy the nuance of the city which is amazing, having its own character, so old but so stunning to see.

annual salzburg music festivalWhat most people will remember about this city is the fact that this city is the city of music. This is the place where one of world’s brilliant musician composers was born. He is the music genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or known by Mozart only. Not only Mozart, but some best people that give a huge influence in music has also grown up in this place. Therefore, the people that come to this place are mostly the music lovers who want to spend their time tracking down the history of music or seeing many music festivals that are held in some special occasions.

Salzburg Music FestivalDuring summertime, music lovers will never miss this biggest event in Salzburg. It is the Salzburg Music Festival. It is usually held from July to September, or I can say for the whole summer every year. Salzburg Music Festival is the time for you can enjoy all kinds of music, start form the classic to the most modern ones. Actually, Salzburg offers you the whole year of music, but this summer music festival feels so special since the main aim is to honor our famous composer, Mozart. There will be many musicians do the collaboration with great singers and composers to perform some high and breath-taking music performance.

As it is one of prestigious music event, the price is also a little bit expensive for some people. If you choose the touristy ones, it will be much more expensive. But there are also street events or usually called as authentic ones, which is much cheaper and will suit most for those who have lower budget. Moreover, some other events are even totally free to be enjoyed.

All in all, the beauty of Salzburg is not only limited to its music festival, but the other sites like its museums, cafes, shopping centers are all amazing. Thus, it is no wonder that more than seven millions of people visiting Salzburg per year. So, will it be you next summer?