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Safety Tips for Mountain Vacation

safety tips for people who have mountain vacationWhen summertime comes, people tend to choose beach than any other tourism sites. On the contrary, when it is winter time, mountain will be on the top of people’s holiday list. Having vacation on mountain is actually timeless, means you can go there any time regardless what season is. Yet, mountain for some cases can be a dangerous place to visit. Therefore, through this outline, we present you some mountain travel tips to create a comfortable and safe mountain vacation.

1. Be Fit

Different from going to the beach, having vacation on mountain needs a good condition from your body. It is because the contour of the grounds is difficult to step on. Some mountains are rocky as well as they contain many elevations. Besides, some of them can only be reached on foot which needs long time and energy. Therefore, being fit is one of the conditions you need to have if you plan to hike a mountain.

2. Aware the weather

Most of the time, mountain gives you fresh air and cold temperature. Some other times, there is possibility unstable weather in one time. Therefore, you need to be aware and prepared. You can have jackets in case if it is cold. You can also wear hat, gloves, and mask in case if the mountain is windy and dusty. Furthermore, prepare a rain coat as well, if there is a sudden rain in the middle of the way.

3. Medicine and aid kit

This is very important since the mountain weather is unpredictable and easily to change, especially for those who are under medical treatment, it is a must to bring your meds along the vacation. While the first aid kit will be useful for the first help if you get small injury during the journey.

In addition, instead of enough foods, it is better to bring enough water. Since, the hiking spends lots of energy, water or can be isotonic water will help to re-build the energy. For foods, instant and simple ones will be the best choice, since most mountain peak has no kitchen facility. In case you are going to stay overnight, tend, sleeping bag, torch and its stuff are a must.

mountain vacation

4. Wear the right outfit

Having vacation on a mountain, beside you must aware the weather, you have to prepare your outfit to wear well. A thick jacket or sweater could be the best choice. It is due to the drastically change of the mountain temperature in an unpredicted time. Much better, to bring over some gloves and a kind of mountain hat like fleece hat, to prevent you from the unexpected cold weather.

Furthermore, in choosing the shoes and socks also need several conditions. The shoes that I recommend is the one that has rubber sole or has specifically designed as hiking shoes. This will help you avoid slipping while you are facing some terrible grounds.

5. Behave

Every area has its different traditions and belief. Mountain areas are mostly remote and influenced by many old superstitions. So, it is necessary to behave yourself. Obey any rules made by the people there. Keep everything clean, preserve the nature, and don’t say something rude, impolite or any things whom people are considered as taboos

In conclusion, going everywhere we want is not just about having fun. You still have to consider anything. Well, have a good mountain hiking time!


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