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Riau Islands Tourism – Experiencing Malay Culture

Every city or area has its own culture and beauty. Among all countries, perhaps you are familiar with the name Indonesia. Indonesia is a country particularly located at the southeast of Asia. It consists of 33 provinces that can satisfy you with lots of new traveling experiences, since numerous of different cultures are all presented in one country. If you are interested to know more about Malay culture, I am sure that nothing knows better than this province. It is Riau Islands. Riau Islands is one of Indonesian’s provinces that are located in Sumatra Island. Riau Islands have been famous of its Malay culture. It is said that it is the heart of Old Malay, the ancestors of all Malay culture in the world.

riau islands-indonesiaRiau Islands Tourism

As it is an island, seas and beaches are its best tourism commodity. Tanjung Pinang, the capital city of Riau Islands, gives you many choices of beach sites you can visit. The most famous one is the Trikora beach in Bintan and Pasir Panjang in Rupat Island. Trikora is located at the northern part of Tanjung Pinang, while Pasir Panjang is its southern part. Another area that also becomes the center of Riau is Batam Island. Batam is very famous for its industrial and tourism city. In this city, you can have not only sea and beach but shopping and culinary tourism as well. Not only enjoying the beach, but you can learn what Riau people do for life. Most of the people are fishermen that do the fishing with their “Pinisi”, their famous big sailing ship.

Since Riau Island’s location is close to Singapore. Many tourists that visit Batam are from Singapore. You can reach Batam by 45 minutes ferry, depart from Singapore. Or else, you can have a flight directly to Batam or Bintan, since both cities have their own international airport and harbor.

Riau, especially in Batam, has numerous international quality hotels as well as some good restaurants for your culinary traveling. Since it is islands, lots people come from different races and cultures come to stay or work there. Therefore, even Malay is the dominant culture; Riau also has so many different cultures and races of people that create more diversity yet beautiful to witness those.

Riau is a big infestation for many non-Malay people. There are many huge potentials industry that become a magnet for many people to come and try their lucks here. As its tourism site, Riau presents you some beach that when you are there, you can feel so homey,since the beach is so surrounded by traditional culture from its people.


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