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Raja Ampat Papua – one of the best places to visit in Indonesia to enjoying the Stunning Sea Treasure

Always get interested going to the beach and enjoy its scenery? Or thinking about going abroad finding some new beach experiences and challenges? Perhaps, you should give a try flying to Raja Ampat Papua, Indonesia. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. You can find another best one here.

As the location of Raja Ampat is at the very east part of Indonesia, it is still less people know about the place. However, for sea lovers’ community or professional photographers, this beautiful beach could probably be one of their most favorite places that they’d like to visit regularly.

Raja Ampat is actually a new born district as one separation of Sorong regency. Almost all this area is covered by sea, while the remaining rest are small islands and hundreds of atolls. Among hundreds of small islands there, only 35 islands are occupied by the native. Means, these areas are still far away touched by technology and pollutions.

raja ampat papua-indonesiaBeing found some years ago, world start to react by the existence of this area, then they begin to do researches. Then the results come up that these areas have so many variety of sea treasure inside, even they are the biggest one in the world.

They are protected by international nature conservation for hundreds of coral reefs as well as a thousand species of fish, along with shells, turtles, algae and jellyfish. What can you get in these beach areas are all you ever dream to see when you are at the beach. Light and deep blue sea which has a clear distinction of the color, white sand that is so clean, and the view of all creatures inside the sea.

However, for that magnificent experience, we have to allow quite lots of money to be spent, since traveling there is quite expensive. Most tourists like to do diving in these areas. For diving itself, it costs you US $ 40.

For once you get there, first you have to take plane or even change plane for several time, then after that you switch the transportation into a ship that approximately costs for more than US $ 345. For renting the guide and some facilities there, at least the minimum payment you have to pay is at the range of US $ 10 to 50.

As long as you have more money, don’t be worried to search a place to stay for some nights. Near the beach, there are some resorts to be rented. The resorts are not only in one island but they spread among the big islands there. So, it depends on you, which resort should be taken. Some inns offer you the primitive sense by its coconut leaves decoration. The fare for one night is approximately US $ 90.

All in all, beyond all the expensiveness of Raja Ampat, nothing can be compared by the time you see the truly stunning view there. This Raja Ampat area really suit those people who really loves diving or sea photographing. Being a witness to an experience like that, people are willingly to go there regardless how much they have spent. So, what are you waiting for? You can book for hotel here.