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Popular Beaches for your Honeymoon Vacation

Most people will likely choose a beach as their honeymoon vacation. It might caused by the fact that a beach can always give people the romance nuance and feeling. What a great match, for just married couples to celebrate that moment with their new love partner. Not only to enjoy the beach in one day, but also to stay for couple nights in its beautiful beach resort.

beautiful beach

beautiful beach

For most travelers, Kuta Beach, Bali might be the perfect portrayal of perfect beach. For its beautiful natural beauty up to its sunset panoramas that give you the best romantic scenes. However, there are still some other beaches offer you the same romance quality. As you can see in the following part, I would like to present you other 6 recommended beaches for your perfect honeymoon vacation (taken from some sources). Hmmm, can’t wait to see the list? Well, here they are the popular beaches for your honeymoon vacation.

1. Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

This beach is the icon of Lombok. It has been a strong magnet for many couples to celebrate their honeymoon here. Its resorts that are built side by side by the shore, offer you a direct view of the sun set at dusk. Inside the room, you can hear a closer sound of the waves. Some other agendas are also best in this beach, let me say; the snorkeling and swimming are some most favorite activities in this site.

2. Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

The location is near to the Kedonganan Beach, a center of fish auction in Bali. After you and your partner enjoy the walk along the shore, then a famous set of candle light dinner will be ready for you to enjoy with, of course, you can do that in one condition, you have to tell the resorts’ officers first to prepare it for you. Other great accommodations are served here, such as high quality hotels to luxurious villas.

3. Beaches along Naxos, Greece

These beaches along Naxos area of Greece has no end to be explored again and again. The green mountains, flowery hills and Mediterranean Sea are some beautiful scenes you and your partner will get along the vacation. Besides, you can have a private beach here, or other kind of beaches that will put you closely to the locals.

4. Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

Landaa Giraavaru is the beach for the famous Four Seasons Maldives resort. This beach stands directly in front of the UNESCO’s biosphere heritage named Baa Atoll that is worth to be seen. The white sand is unbreakable. You and your love can rent a cruise ship as a place to stay. Visiting the pure beaches in Maldives and enjoy the beauty of its scenery are such a memorable experience you don’t want to miss.

5. Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

To reach this bay, it takes two hours journey from the famous Phuket Island in Thailand. Here, you can enjoy the gradation of blue and green of the ocean with many islands surrounded. You can rent a small canoe for two to explore the beauty of this bay. When it comes the dusk, you can enjoy the sunset on a ship then have a romantic dinner at the sea shore.

6. Marbella Beach, Spain Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

This beach is located in the Costa del Sol, a small island in the Spain’s shore. It belongs to the Mediterranean Sea area. In this beach, there are quite lots of luxurious resorts, high-class restaurants, seashore bars up to a golf field, an ancient cathedral and castle! You can have some activities for two such as swimming and or enjoying the Spain seafood like paella.

Just pick one or some from the list above and experience the unforgettable honeymoon vacation at those beautiful beaches.


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