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Phuket Thailand Vacation – Enjoying the Beach

Holiday is somehow one of the time people are waiting for. For some reasons, people use holiday to release all the tense situations happen along their busy activity at working or school days. Holiday also the right moment to tighten the bounding of a family, therefore some family who have more budget like to plan a trip to one place and spend some time there. Going abroad perhaps can be too much for a family vacation. However, some foreign areas could be not as expensive as people have thought. One of the countries is known as Phuket islands. Pucket island is particularly located at the southeast part of Thailand, therefore it is one of the province in Thailand. As it is stated in every tourism brochures, Phucket with all the islands nearby are one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is famous with its blue sea and white sand. A beach that covered with coconut trees.

Have a Vacation at Phuket Island, Thailand

beach in phuket-thailandGoing to Phuket is all about swimming, diving and enjoying the beach. Therefore, the best moment to go there is on dry season where the sun shines brightly everyday. By the time, you step your feet in Pucket, Patong beach must be put in your number one list. Imagining Patong beach is perhaps similar to what you can see in Kuta beach, Bali , Indonesia. However, this beach is cleaner. Since it is cleaner, the scenery surrounded is beyond mind. At Patong beach, you can have the sunbathing on a seat that has been prepared before to be rented. Not only sunbathing, but you can feel Thai Massage as well there. As it is said before that Phuket has three famous islands which are Phi Phi Island, Phang Nga Bay, atau Coral Island. Exploring all the three islands, you will get many great experiences of sea tourism such as the speedboat, banana boat, canoe, cruise ship, diving and so on.

Ever since the tsunami, Thailand government has given alot efforts rebuilding its sea tourism. As a result, there are many tourism promotions to Pucket. As you can search online, there are some flight company offer a economic price to fly to Pucket. As for the local transportations in Pucket, you can join some tours and travel that will obviously serve all transportations you need. If you travel by your own, you can try to rent a car or motorcycle there.

Where To Stay

Here we’ve selected the best hotels available for around 2,000 baht a night or less with full(ish) facilities, these tend to be independently run hotels that aren’t part of a chain. Budget hotels might be difficult to find in December and January, but good deals are still available, remember to book early to get the best prices. You could find cheaper accommodation however the list below offers great value at budget prices.


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