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Paris Travel Tips : a Guide to Explore Paris

Somehow, Paris belongs to one of the Europe’s most expensive cities to travel in. Even so, there are still many people who always put Paris as their first list of vacation. Apparently, how much cash we will spend actually depends on how well we arrange the vacation trip, including how we choose the place to stay, eat, visit and what transportation we use. Thats why we decided to write what we called “Paris Travel Tips” in order to help you to create the right budget plan during your visit in Paris.

tips if you travel to paris

1. How much is the airline ticket price?

There is no exact number of airline tickets as they often change due to promotion or such kind. If you are coming from Asia, the ticket might be at the range of 300 USD and above. It also depends on what airline you choose. As a matter of fact, in some times between October and March are the exact times to find cheaper airline ticket price, especially those which come from the Middle-East flights.

2. How do I take care of the Visa?

France belongs to the area of Schengen Visa, thus you can come to Paris from any countries that belong to Schengen area; as for instance, you can come to France from Lithuania. So, instead of taking a queue in the France Embassy to make a visa, you can make it in other embassies like Spain or Italy.

3. How much money do we need?

Paris is an expensive city, the cheapest hotel you can find takes 40 U$D per night. For overall price, approximately 30 U$D for food and a bus, 50 U$D for the museum, and for the most famous Eiffel Tower, it costs 15 U$D if you use a lift, 9 U$D to lift up through stairs and FREE for taking a picture in front of the tower.

4. How long should I take a trip to Paris?

The time also depends on your purposes. if you are the biggest fan of art, a month will not be enough cause there are hundreds of museums in Paris. But if you just want to have a leisure trip, a week is enough to visit some most famous tourism sites such as Eiffel, Louvre, Notre Dame, Versailles Palace, Garnier opera and some others. Interested in movie, you are obligated to visit the Cinematheque de France. If you bring kids, Disneyland can be put in your list. If you like the archeology things, Arene Lutece is the best spot for you to visit.

5. Where to eat in Paris?

If you are Asian, you are accustomed to eat rice; thus, a Chinese restaurant is the best choice to eat. You can find the Chinese food stand, the stands which are painted red. Or you can try the Japanese restaurant or Indonesian restaurant to find the Asian menus. But if you want to feel more adventurous experiences, you can some France, Middle East or Greece foods along the way.

6. Where can I buy souvenirs?

Looking for souvenirs, don’t have to worry; there are lots of souvenirs shops in Paris. Some of them are located near the Notre Dame Church. There are also some in the Pompidu Museum that you can bargain.