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Natural Hair Treatment, for a beautiful healthy hair

Having beautiful healthy hair is not a dream. We just need to treat hair very well every single day.

Here we will discuss about natural ways to treat hair. The more natural, the better. In the first part of this article contains things that we must do. Then in the next section are things that we should avoid.

Okay, here is the first part.

1. Drink enough water.
Water can be obtained from water, vegetable soups and fruits. Adequacy of water will make the scalp and hair well hydrated.

2. Consume pure honey
There are many types of honey on the market, whatever type of honey you choose, make sure the honey purchased is pure honey. The sugar content in pure honey is very low. In addition, honey naturally has anti-bacterial properties that can help keep the scalp clean and healthy.

3. Using a natural hair mask.
There are many recipes made from natural hair masks that can be found from the internet. Just googling.

Choose some of the easiest variations so that it can be applied routinely every week or 2 weeks. One example is a hair mask made from bananas. Besides bananas are easy to find, making and using bananas for hair masks is very easy.

4 Using natural hair oil.
The first recommendation is the grape seed oil. Grape seed oil is suitable for almost all hair types, both oily and dry hair.

natural hair care

natural hair care

Now, let’s move on to the second part of this article.

The following are things that we should avoid to have healthy hair.

1. Using a hair dryer or electric hair dryer to dry your hair after shampooing.

Hair dryer is indeed like our savior about saving time in drying hair, but its long-term effects, hair will become dry and brittle.

Drying wet hair using a towel is far better than a hair dryer. However, there is a special technique to dry hair with a towel, that is slowly starting from the base to the ends. So it’s not just rubbing your hair over and over.

2. Tying hair too tight
If we have long hair most of the time we want to tie it. Keep in mind that the binder that is used is specifically for hair such as hair straps. Then, don’t be too strong, loose is best as long as it’s neat.

If your hair is too heavy for a ponytail with one tie, then it’s better to tie your hair in two, right and left

3. Being under the hot sun directly
If you spend more time outdoors, don’t forget to wear hair protection such as a hat.

4. Using too many hair care products.
Too much is never a good thing. Choose hair care that is natural and sufficient.

It turns out that treating hair naturally is very simple, isn’t it? Good luck!


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