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Moscow, The Dreaming City for Family Vacation

When we talk about Russia, the sudden memory coming from the history book we learn at school appears. Yep, Russia is once a center of world communism. It presents as the small part of the Union of Soviet. Then, as the communism fell down, the big Soviet Union also fell into pieces. Russia (one of the pieces) has become an own country with all the remaining historical heritages on it ever since. Nowadays, Russia, particularly Moscow, the capital of it, has known worldwide for its historical tourism as well as education and military training for Russian and foreigners as well. Russia is also the city that is full of ethnicity. People from different races come to stay and live here. For the weather, since it is near with arctic area, when it comes to winter season, there will be only short afternoon with the temperature far away below – 5 Celsius degree. While at summer, you can see sun shining up to 10 pm and appear at 4 am in the morning. So, it is quite appropriate to say that in Russia Moscow is the dreaming city for family vacation.

moscow at night-russiaNot only it is the dreaming city but it is the oldest city as well. It looks so expensively modern decorated with classical architecture of its urban planning. As the capital city, it is obviously built as the center of politic, economic, religions, monetary, education and transportations, not only in the whole Europe but the world as well. In this city, there are many scientists that do so many scientific researches and any other facility. As the biggest city in all Europe, the people are mostly aristocrat and millionaires. Even so, unlike big and success city, Los Angeles or Tokyo, Moscow is well preserved by its old and ancient buildings. As the government rules said that, old building must not be demolished as it is world culture heritage. Visiting Moscow, people mostly feel curious with its red field. This red field is actually functioned as football field, yet, what interesting are the sites around the field. They are the museum of art, cathedral, as well as shopping center for the tourist to hang out around. If you like music, you can go to the Moscow International Performance Arts Center that is used to play on a big stage, some classical music performance. Then, it will never be completed if we don’t go to Old Arbat. Old Arbat is the area where tourists can walk and enjoy the view of 20th century old and remarkable buildings.

Where To Stay

Staying overnights in Moscow, you will be presented with quite number of hotels. Commonly, people book it via online, since during the holiday season, it is no doubt that most hotels are fully booked. Here are some hotels available around Moscow.

Maxima Panorama (Popular Right Now)
Peter 1 Hotel
Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Hotel
Heliopark Empire Hotel
Katerina City Hotel
Hotel Savoy Moscow
Garden Ring Hotel
Milan Hotel
Maxima Slavia Hotel
Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel

Getting There

Being a city full of millionaires creates all the things there to be high class and expensive. However, you don’t have to worry for spending lots of money just to visit all the tourism placesthere. You don’t need to spend money for taxi which can be so expensive to take you from one place to another. It is because there is a Moscow Metro that can help you move to one site to another easily and in a cheaper price as well.


Beside for tourism place, some people would like to fly far away from home, just to reach a dream by taking a school in Moscow. Since, the city is rich and high qualified in education and economy; many people live the dream to become one of those millionaires here in Moscow. As for vacation, the world heritage building and the things inside clearly open our eyes and Moscow has proved that a big nation is a nation that all the people inside eagerly put a respect on its nation’s history and do all they can do to preserve it well.


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