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London Vacation for Kids: the Museum of Childhood

Museum of Childhood in LondonHave you heard about the Museum of Childhood in London? Whenever you go on vacation in London and if it is with your kids, spare the time to visit this museum is a must. Located at the Cambridge Heath and Old Ford Road, t is a great option for a family vacation with your kids as we call it the top London vacation for kids.

This museum is apparently the branch of the famous Victoria and Albert Museum. This Victorian building is very well preserved even though it is not big. It is made for kids, as inside this museum, there are many interactive games and activities for both boys and girls. As for instance, the girls can play numerous make up box and dolls. From antique dolls like ivory dolls that were made in the year of 1300 before century, up to the nowadays Teddy Bear dolls. For boys, there are many toys, start from the old artifact toys up to the nowadays Lego.

Beside the toys, while the kids are playing, they also learn the history and culture in Europe. And among the three hundreds displays presented in this museum, there are some wallpapers made by the Scotland dancer named Michael Clark in the year of 1964, there are also some can robots made in Japan, small plate that can fly, rockets and the moon explorer in between the 1950s up to 196s. The theme of outer space here is very inspired and worth to be exhibited in the room.

No well education without books. And don’t be worried, as in this place, there are many book collections, but most of all, the books are classical and written by some famous writer. The books are for instance, the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon. The more interesting thing about this museum is that it is often used as the art modern exhibition of child’s world like in some years ago, in 2010, titled “Sit Down, Seating for Kids” (in pictures). It shows for about 70 kids’ seat, like school seats, swing seats, up to the toilet sitting place.

The museum opens from 10 A.M up to 5.45 P.M. And if you ask how much it cost? Well, back in these days, which are rarely seen, this museum has no charge. Yup, you can enter the museum as much as you like, without any charging price, or on the other words, it is free. All in all, through this museum, kids are learning to know more and appreciate more history value in your area.


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