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Le Mat Village Hanoi – Snake Village that Providing Snake Dish

Le Mat Village – You would be surprised if you know that there is a small village in the northeastern city of Hanoi, Vietnam, which is identical with traditions and culinary of the snake. The village called Le Mat Village. In this place, snake – a slithering creatures – not only threatens human existence. The snake became a daily menu for the majority of residents in this village.

le matt village hanoi

If you visit Hanoi, then you try to ask someone about Le Mat, local people there will know about it, and you will got the directions to go there. You can reach the village location easily, just 7 kilometers to the northeast of the Hanoi and you will arrive at Le Mat. Glance the village seems normal, with the settlement and Vietnam locals residents. But, you’ll be surprised when you found a lot of snakes in the village market.

Le Mat is also called the Snake Village. There are several compelling reasons. Here are the story details. You can believe it or not.

In the reign of King Ly Thai Tong (1028-1054), Hanoi and surrounding people have a tradition of hunting snakes. A local man named Hoang is known as a powerful conqueror of snakes, including the giant snakes that often interfere in the area.

One day, the Princess of King crossing Thien Duc River near the Le Mat Village. But the ship carrying the princess to be drowned, and the princess has been eaten by a giant snake. With a courage they had, Hoang conquer the snake and found the body of the Princess is still intact in it.

The King gave gifts to Hoang. However, Hoang only ask one thing that is suggested to the King to allowed the poor resident in the Le Mat to stay and live in rural areas near the Thang Long Citadel, which became the King’s territory. This areas became a rich region. There are 13 agricultural regions are scattered in various places.

the snake village

Long years after the story, Le Mat Village utilize snake as a tradition and their culinary. Quoting from Hanoi Travel, almost every house in this village has a snake as a pet. Some people cultivate and nurture it for sale to Hanoi, specialized for restaurants.

And of course you can try to eat a dishes made from snakes in this village. You can try the various menus available, pan-fried, boiled, or maybe fried. The price is not cheap, for a large snake is about  U.S. $ 30-50. But, you could invite three to five people to enjoy this great dish together.

Every March there was held Le Mat Festival, which presents a giant snake dance (like barongsai in China) in the middle of the village. You can find some snakes market around the village, also several small shops that sell the body parts of snake. You could also try Snake Wine, Wine made from the Juice of snake.

If you do not like snakes, do not ever visit this place.


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