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Kuta Beach – a Beautiful Place in Bali for Enjoying Sunset

Every time people decide to go to Indonesia, most of them will have a definite plan of where they are going to go. It is to the island of Goddess, Bali, Indonesia. Bali has been famous as one of Indonesia’s tourism icon for many foreign tourists. Most tourists come from Australia or Asia and one tourism site that is a must for them to visit is enjoying the beauty of Kuta Beach, Bali. Kuta Beach is particularly located in Badung Regency, a southern part of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta beach is commonly known as Sunset beach. People usually gather together to Bali to witness the beauty of sunset there. Another thing is to go sunbathing since it is in the tropical area, there are only two seasons, and on hot season, sun shines so brightly, which rarely happens in the non-tropical area.

kuta beach in bali-indonesiaKuta Beach Bali started to get famous in early of 70s. However, it is getting more famous, as the Bali government start to create Kuta area into a tourism area by building many entertainment sites the tourists can also enjoy besides enjoying the beach. There are bars and restaurants. Along the areas, there are lots of souvenirs shops. So, be prepare with extra cash, as I think that nobody will not miss that cute stuff hanging on each shop. Some night clubs will also be a great choice to spend the whole night partying with friends, right after viewing sunset. Other activities besides swimming, sunbathing and seeing the sunsets, people can also do the surfing there. There are many surfing boards rented as well as the coach. So, if you have an interest to try this Adrenaline sport, you’d better try it in the afternoon that the waves are good. But remember to put a sun block first, in order not to make your skin burn.

If you need hotels around Kuta Beach, maybe the list below usefull for you :

Yulia Beach Inn Hotel
HARRIS Hotel & Residences Sunset Road
Dekuta Hotel
Ramayana Resort & Spa
Quest Kuta Central Park Hotel
Bali Summer Hotel
The Kuta Playa Hotel & Villas

kuta beach bali

Nowadays, Flight Company has been arising a lot; people like to go by plane since it is faster. Searching for cheaper ticket is easier if you do it at least two months before. Arriving at the airport, you can use taxi to go to your hotel. If your main destination is Kuta beach, I strongly recommended choosing hotel near the beach. It will save your money more, since you can go to the beach and other Kuta tourism spots on foot.

Since Bali bombing tragedy in 2002, Bali tourism fell down so hard. However, the non-stop efforts from the people and the government have leaded to the brighter future. Kuta is back to light. With the extra work in its security does not decrease the comfortable and warm situation in Kuta. Yet, people who visit there still carelessly dirty the beach by throwing the garbage anywhere. Even so, Kuta beach always get its charisma. And so far, it is still the best sunset beach people have ever seen from different part of the world.


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