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50+ Interesting Places to Visit in Indonesia, Cities, Islands, Beaches, You name it!

Indonesia is one of beautiful countries in Asia. It has many beautiful spots and tourist attractions. In no particular order here we give you a list of more than 50 interesting places to visit in Indonesia. It will include cities, museums, landmarks, historical places beaches, mountains, and many more.

Places To Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is the headquarter of Indonesia, so you can really find many spots enjoyable for any moment including the weekend. Below are just some places you should see during your time in Jakarta.

  1. The National Monument
  2. Merdeka Square
  3. Thousand Islands
  4. Taman Mini Indonesia Park
  5. Ancol Dreamland
  6. Ancol Beach City
  7. SeaWorld Ancol – Home To Largest Aquarium
  8. National Museum of Indonesia
  9. National Gallery
  10. Jakarta Chinatown
  11. Taman Suropati
  12. Menteng Flea Market
  13. Ragunan Zoo
  14. Setu Babakan
  15. Basuki Abdullah Museum
  16. Tanah Abang Market
  17. Pasar Seni Ancol
  18. Glodok Chinatown
  19. Merdeka Palace
  20. Kota Tua – Dutch-Inspired Architecture

Places To Visit in West Java, Indonesia

The first city you should try to explore is Garut. Here are some places you can go.

  1. Mount Papandayan
  2. Mount Cikuray
  3. Mount Guntur
  4. Situ Bagendit attractions
  5. Situ tourism and Cangkuang temple
  6. Cipanas Hot Springs tourist attractions
  7. Tourist attractions Darajat Hot Springs
  8. Attractions in the White Crater Talaga Bodas
  9. Tourism of the Cimanuk River Rafting
  10. Batu Tumpang Natural tourist attraction
  11. Tourist attractions Santolo Beach
  12. Heulang Beach tourist attractions
  13. Rancabuaya Beach tourist attractions
  14. Tourist attractions Cikembulan Wildlife Park i
  15. Citiis waterfall tourist attraction in Garut
  16. Garut situhapa rose garden
  17. Kamojang crater
  18. Cicalobak Beach
  19. Beach Manalusu Beach
  20. Dayeuh Manggung tea plantation

Next, let’s go to Bandung. You really should visit this beautiful city in west Java. Here is the list of the places you must know.


Teabing Keraton

Situ Patenggang

Museum of The Asian-African Conference

Bandung Treetop Adventure Park

Bandung Historical Park

Keraton Cliff

Kawah Putih

Bandung Zoo

Jean’s Street

Geological Museum

Gedung Sate

Paris Van Java

Places To Visit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Lookig for travel destination with full of traditional atmosphere. Try Yogyakarta. Quite similar to bali, but here in Yogyakarta is suitable for you who loves to explore traditional ancient local cultural heritage. Many palaces you can explore.

Places To Visit in Central Java, Indonesia


You must visit this city. Here some places to visit in Semarang

  • Sam Poo Kong Temple

The oldest temple of five in Sam Poo Kong Complex, the Sam Poo Kong Temple sprawls over 3.2 hectares of land with intricate 14th century

  • Lawang Sewu

A famous landmark in Semarang, Central Java, Lawang Sewu is quite often referred to as one of the most haunted places in Indonesia.

  • Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Referred to as Dieng by Indonesians, it sits at 2,000 metres above sea level, far from major population centres.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

  • Jepara
  • Karimun Jawa

You must visit the icon of Jepara tourism, namely Karimun Jawa in Jepara Regency.


  • Borobudur Temple.

Who does not know this most historic tourist attraction in Magelang? Yes, it is Borobudur Temple.

  •  Rafting in The Progo River

Places To Visit in East Java, Indonesia

East Java consists of more than 20 cities you can never get enough to visit. These cities has their own natural as well as modern touris spots you can explore. Below is the highlight of the cities and what holiday destination they can offer you.


Big city famous with its urban tourism. Places Like Monume Kapal Sela. Museum Kota can give you noy onlu entertainment, but also interesting stories about this city.

Malang and Batu

Quite the oppsite of Surabaya which is located along the sea. You can find mountai view, beutiful hill and Fresh air garden in malang. Education holdayd estination are easy to find here., such as jatim Park


Have you ever heard about Bromo mountain? Yes, it’s in the most part of Probolinggo.Try come here and see whether you can forget the atmosphere in Bromo and surrounding villages.


Another city in east java that offer you with a view from the top ofa mountain. Like b29 and Seemru. Hikers should try climb Mountain Semery. It’s moe adventurous that you can imagine.


Caves are some ineteresting spots you should explore here in Lamongan.


To reach Nusa Barong Island, you have to get on a boat. The island is inhabited, so you can feel like you’re on a private island! So quiet and charming. What’s more interesting than swimming in the clear water and see colorful fishes!


If you travel to Bali from another cities in Java you must not skip Banyuwangi. That’s a lovely city to visit for its various touriat attractions. You can find beach and also mountain view in this city known as Sunrise of Java.

Places To Visit in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has long been known as the islands of Gods. The beautful view of the beaches are too good to forget. You can arrang your romantic getaway in Bali. Here are some big cities which are always full of foreign and domestic tourists, Denpasar, Kuta, Ubud. Here are the reasons why you should choose Bali as your travel destination.

Places To Visit In Indonesia_Bunaken Manado

Bunaken, Manado, Indonesia

Nusa penida

Nusa penida has many beaches. Manta Point, For those who love diving or snorkeling will find this island as a piece of heaven on Earth as you can swim together with friendly manta stingrays throughout the year.

You just need to remain quiet and calm then manta stingrays will approach and surround you. The best time to dive is in the dry season and you’ll easily find mola-mola fishes swimming in this season.

Places To Visit in Nusa Tenggara Barat and Timur

This two privinces in southern part of Indoesia will spoile you with its raw but beautful natural traveling destination. National Parks like Kelimutu National Park and Komodo National Park will never disappoint you for its interesting esperience.


These island can make you wish to live there forever.

Places To Visit in Indonesia: Sulawesi

  • Wakatobi

Another one of the top places to visit in Sulawesi is Wakatobi, a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve diving park located in the Coral Triangle.

  • Bunaken

Bunaken is the most popular and famous site for diving in Sulawesi. The island is just off the coast of Manado in the north of Sulawesi.

  • Rammang

Rammang is a village in the middle of the Maros Karst. The place can leave you in awe for days. First of all, this karst is the second largest in the world, thus a UNESCO protected area.

Places To Visit in Indonesia: Papua and West Papua

Raja Ampat

Cendrawasi marine Bay

Fak fak

See, there so many places to visit in Indonesia. Don’t worry, we will always update the list. Meanwhile,enjpy your vacation in Indonesia. Wonderful Indonesia.

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