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Hongkong Disneyland Resort: one of the great family resorts

Visiting Disneyland might not only be any children’s dream but grown up people as well. Believe it or not, millions of people come here to enjoy themselves being around the toys, rather than just for accompany their kids. As this Disney spots have been everybody’s favorite, it is re-built in many places around the world, and the Hongkong Disneyland Resort will be the one we are going to talk about in this article. It is so interesting that it can be one of your favorite family resorts

Among all the attractions presented here, some are highlighting my days and those are what I want to share with you:

1. Toy Story Land

This Newest attraction reminds everybody the character of Andy from animated movie, Toy Story. And it is actually inspired from that. This attraction has some rides that are worth a try. If you want to feel the pumping adrenaline, try the RC Racer. This is the Andy’s race car in the racing U shape line along 27 meters! Well, even by just imagining being in that fast race car is already a nerve-racking in my mind. Or else, try the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Here you will be sitting in a kind of seat, then you will be dropped from 25 meters high, just like a simulation of parachute landing.

Not want to deal with height? Well, you can do the Slinky Dog Spin, the ride that will turn you around and around, just like slinky, the dog character in Toy Story, chases its tail.

2. Adventureland

Here, the attraction takes a set like a real jungle with its big trees, river, and sound of birds. It is just like in the movie of Tarzan. There is a tree house built in the middle of the river. Entering this attraction, do not miss the Jungle Cruise River. By boat, you will be taken to sail through the river in the middle of the jungle. And it becomes more terrifying as you can see real creatures like crocodiles, elephants, giraffes even gorillas are there.

3. Fantasy Parade

Coming to this Disneyland, never miss at exact 3 PM, there will be a parade named Fantasy Parade at the USA Main Street. It is all the Disney’s characters who do the parade. It starts with the flying elephant, Dumbo; then come up the Princesses of Disney and other characters which are obviously so fun to watch.

4. Tomorrowland

Want to taste the outer space? Just enter this attraction. First that draws my attention is the Space Mountain. Just like an indoor roller coaster with the outer space theme. Riding it make me feel like an astronaut flying to the galaxy.

You can also try the Stitch Encounter attraction. This attraction allows you to interact directly to one of famous Disney character, the blue Stitch in the form of animation. You can talk to it and even do the joke with it.

5. Fantasyland

This attraction is actually the home of Sleeping Beauty and Princess Aurora. It is a perfect spot for parents who bring toddlers. You can try the Mad Hatter Tea Cup or the Cinderella House. There is also a 3D movie of Donald Duck adventure; you are not going to miss. There is also a Golden Mickey performing, where it is a kind of Oscar giving to the Disney character.

6. Fireworks and Eating

Disneyland at night

Disneyland at night

Don’t miss the fireworks party at 8.30 PM for 15 minutes long. Last but not least, don’t forget to taste the foods here, as the foods are so unique portraying the Disney’s character. To get the food, it doesn’t have to be in its restaurant. Just no need to worry, you will never be starving here. Along the way, there are many food stalls selling some snacks like pop corn, nachos, up to hot dog.


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