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10 Awesome Hiking Trails In and Near New Jersey You Can’t Resist

If you want to have a temporary escape from the city life, hit the trails at some of the best places for hiking in and near New Jersey. So, here they are, the 10 awesome hiking trails in and near New Jersey. 

hiking trails in and near New Jersey #1 – Stairway to Heaven

Hike boardwalks, suspension bridges and forests of hardwood fields of wildflowers railroad tracks and a cow pasture in an area of boulders.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey-Stairway to Heaven

hiking trails in and near New Jersey-Stairway to Heaven

Then, climb steeply up to the “Stairway up to heaven” to the most spectacular views within New Jersey, Pinwheel Vista. Sussex County, NJ.

The Kittatinny Mountains are visible in the distance, as are farms within the valley beneath and, on a clear day, High Point Monument.

Trail surface ranges from super-duper-easy-peasy boardwalks to flat, hard packed to dirt to serious rocky sections.

“Stairway towards Heaven” known as Stairway to Heaven is a set of steps made from rock that steeply ascends Wawayanda Mountain. It’s a popular place.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey #2 – Mt. Tammany

The trail ascends steeply to a spectacular view that overlooks the “Gap” which is the gap of the Kittatinny Mountains that was carved by the Delaware River.

Fantastic panoramic views over the region and Mt. Minsi to the west. Warren County, NJ

This is among the most well-known walks within New Jersey. It is likely that you won’t have the entire trail to yourself, but the views are worthy of the queues. The area is stunning in New Jersey and is gorgeous throughout the year.

And you don’t think about what you’re likely to receive when you reach high. Not everyone can manage this path, but be aware that this is definitely a trek – not a stroll through the park.

There is a Delaware Water Gap not far from what is the actual state of Delaware as many tend to believe. “Water gap” is the time when a river cuts into mountains.

The border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Delaware River has cut through the Kittatinny Ridge leaving a large gap that connects Mt. Tammany located on Mt. Tammany on the New Jersey side, and Mt. Minsi Mt. Minsi on Mt. Minsi on the Pennsylvania side.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey #3 – Buttermilk Falls

This trail begins at NJ’s most impressive waterfall, Buttermilk Falls. The climb is steep and uphill until you connect with the Appalachian Trail.

Continue on to Crater Lake, and then on towards Hemlock Pond. Sussex County, NJ.

Buttermilk Falls is just a few steps from a parking spot and does not require any hike to get there, and this is why the area could become busy.

A set of very elaborate staircases can be climbed up to gain a different view from the falls. The trail below climbs over the falls, before reaching Crater Lake as well as Hemlock Pond for an awesome day trip.

Unmarked Silver Spray Falls (Hidden Falls) trailhead is .5 mile away from Buttermilk Falls. Finding Hidden Falls is part of the excitement, and visitors often don’t get them at first.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey #4 – The Giant Stairs

Get a view from Jersey’s Palisades across the Hudson River of the New York skyline. Then, take on the unique rock scramble.

Although popular, it is a strenuous hike, and not for everyone’s taste. Bergen County, NJ.

An exciting and unique hike which features the biggest rock scramble throughout New Jersey  and that’s why this hike isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This is an extended stretch of scrambling that is nearly one mile – in contrast to the usual shorter bursts that are common throughout New Jersey.

If you are using trekking poles to make the steep ascent or descent to the shoreline, be sure you have a method to store them in a bag or secure them to your backpack – you’ll need both hands to be free to climb your Giant Stairs.

The rocks are unfortunately covered with quite a bit of graffiti. Just try to think of ways to remove it while hiking. 

hiking trails in and near New Jersey #5 – Hacklebarney State Park

Beautiful park with The Black River as its centerpiece and is beautiful in the autumn. Morris County, NJ.

There are just six miles of overlapped trails and most of it is dirt or gravel. This isn’t the ideal park for a veteran hiker who is looking for a tough and long trail.

It’s also very well-known, so don’t count on being alone.

These trails are ideal for those who are just beginning or for quick trails, hiking with kids or taking picnics and basically everyone looking to have an amazing outdoor environment without any effort.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey #6 – Sourland Mountain

Explore boardwalks, and the rocks that make up Devil’s Half Acre and Roaring Rocks. Somerset County, NJ

A good loop with lots of intriguing rock formations. Although the trail doesn’t require climbing, bouldering is permissible for those who want to climb over the large rocks of Devil’s Half-Acre. While there’s the “Ridge” trail however, there’s no view from the trails. Based on information available on the internet, this appears to be a non-hunting area.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey  #7 – Pyramid Mountain – Tripod Rock

A hike that takes you to three major glacial erratics including Tripod Rock, Whale Head Rock as well as Bear Rock – as well as two views. Morris County, NJ. 

The largest glacial erratics in the country are spread out across this path. The trails here are ideal for beginners however it is interesting enough for more veterans. To make longer loops, include an out-and-back route on PINK DOT or take a detour across the road that runs from the parking area and take a hike on Turkey Mountain.

FYI, a “glacial unstable” is a type of rock carried by ice and that is distinct from the types of rock that is native to the region.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey  #8 High Point – Monument Trail

Take a hike to the highest point that is found in New Jersey – 1803′ as well as climb the monument’s 220 steps to see the surrounding area. Sussex County, NJ.

The park is located in the most northwest area of NJ. This park has plenty of scenic views, even without an excursion. It is a very popular place therefore don’t expect to be alone in the lakes and monuments.

There’s the High Point Monument, a tribute to NJ veterans. It also marks the highest elevation of NJ with a height of 1803 feet.

It is hollow, similar to that of the Washington Monument, and the 220 steps of the obelisk can be climbed to get views of the surrounding area.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey  #9 – Batsto Lake Trail – Wharton State Forest

An easy loop that takes you through the New Jersey Pine Barrens and along Batsto Lake. Burlington County, NJ.

A beautiful section of Pinelands trail that offers a variety of water views. If you want to do a shorter, but similarly enjoyable walk, take this BLUE trail or the RED trail instead.

There are many miles in this region to make a hike longer through a variety of ways. The hike we took was a combination of Batsto Lake White trail and Tom’s Pond Trail with a walk through the village approximately 7 miles.

Make sure you visit the structures in the historic village of Batsto later on.

hiking trails in and near New Jersey  #10 – South Mountain – Hemlock Falls

Moderate hike with an amazing view of the historic Washington Rock, Hemlock Falls as well as Hemlock Falls, and Rahway River. Essex County, NJ.

Washington Rock is where a signal beacon alerted Morristown’s Army in Morristown of the approaching British Army.