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Hershey Park Pennsylvania: It’s All about Chocolates!

Do you know what the oldest chocolate in the world is? Believe it or not, there is a city that is made from chocolate. Well, it is not literally chocolate as its bricks, but this town comes up as a famous town because of a chocolate. It used to be a small town back in early 1900. When a man named Milton Hershey found a brilliant recipe of a chocolate in a form of candies. It was soon becoming so famous, since his chocolate tasted so good. As the time goes by, the chocolate factory is getting bigger and bigger, and then people started to recognize and like the chocolate from that little town, and named the town just exactly like the founder of it, Hershey.

hershey-the chocolate park in pennsylvaniaHershey is particularly part of Pennsylvania, one of the American’s states. For those who are chocolate lovers perhaps have known this place for so long. Going to the place like Hershey will take you back to the old times. There, not only you can learn about the history of how Hershey chocolate was made, but you can refresh your eyes by seeing old buildings and feeling the countryside living. Moreover, the old taste of this town is not just old and out of date. It can be proved through the Hershey icon which is Hershey Amusement Park. As a matter of fact, whenever you ask people the way to go to Hershey, people will directly guess that you want to go to Hershey Park. Regardless old and peaceful situation in the town, Hershey Park comes up as modern with brilliant architectures inside. As it is the dream land that only appears in your fairy tales, Hershey Park is just like a dream comes true, it is all about chocolate amusement park. It has any kinds of rides, a big carrousel so that you can see the whole Hersey city, a big band stage for a concert, chocolate souvenir shops, and so on. All in all, the most special that make people want to visit this amusement park is that it has seven different big roller coasters you are obligated to try all at once.

Getting There

Getting there it can be by car that you can rent from the capital city of Pennsylvania. Recognizing this town is a piece of cake, by the time you arrive, there will be a big sign that is welcoming you and a smell of chocolate everywhere. Searching for a hotel is also an easy thing to do. Most of the hotels are in the form of two ways buildings, it is the old building plus the new one that was built to fill the need of tourists to stay. If you get the old one, then you will get the old and antique decoration, and in reverse, if you get the new one.

hershey park amusement park


With the whole excitements you can get from this amusement park, surprisingly you don’t have to spend too much money. At least, have 100 dollars money will be enough to fully enjoy the rides. Beside for the entrance tickets, that money is more than enough to buy the souvenirs there.


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