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Hawaii Travel Tips

As one of the popular spot in tourism world, Hawaii might seem to be too expensive for some people. The beautiful beaches as well as luxurious cottages are those that make the prices reach higher number. However, visiting Hawaii does not necessarily that expensive, we can still look up a plan and enjoy the whole trip without even spending too much money. So, if you plan to have the vacations on your next holiday, pay attention to some stuff below :

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1. Do not go during the school holiday

The exact reason is vivid. During the holiday, just like any other famous spot in the world, holiday will always be the most time people will come and visit the whole places there. Those are including all kinds of holiday including both the summer and winter season’s holiday. Beside it will be so crowded in every site of this place, the price of every accommodation like the hotels and or the plane fare will rise up way expensive than the low peak season’s prices.

2. Come by the time the holiday ends

From the point I gave previously, it is obvious, if you have been suggested not to come along the holiday time, then what you should do is do the opposite way which is come by the time the holiday ends. It takes time by March or October. Beside it will be way less crowded, the prices are all more reachable than during the peak seasons. Furthermore, the weather is also nicer. It can be said, it is a perfect time to have a trip, since it is not too hot and cold either.

3. Do not spend your cash for luxurious accommodations

Even though, sophisticated hotels could be so much tempting for you, don’t be deceived with that. There are plenty cheaper accommodations yet still satisfying you in certain kind of ways. So, it is better to allocate your cash to taste more adventurous experiences in Hawaii.

4. Take a consideration to stay in a condominium

The different between the common hotel and the condominium that can also be one of your accommodation’s options is that it has a personal kitchen and a washing machine in it. Besides, staying in a condominium is just like staying at your own home, so your vacation will be your more real compared to just staying in a hotel.

5. Don’t push yourself to visiting all places

As a matter of fact, Hawaii is a huge country. It has plenty beautiful islands. However, don’t get too excited by spending the whole time, which is sometimes not too long enough to visit all the sites there. Beside you will be out of budget, you will only feel exhausted along the way and unable to enjoy your holiday.

6. Plan it earlier in time

As I said before, every Hawaiian island has its own beauty. At the Northern and Eastern part, the weather tastes more tropical. Meanwhile, the Southern and western part offers you fresher and nicer scenery. So, before sitting on a plane to Hawaii, make sure that you have already decided which your one or two islands suit you. It is strongly recommended, not to visit more than two islands, since it will take more time and energy to do that. Visit one island, stay in a condominium provided there, and explore the beach and sites around will be more than enough to define what fun holiday is.

7. Don’t get too eagerly doing the Luau

Luau is sort kind of traditional Hawaiian family party which apparently turns to be out of the expectation. Even though, it offers the unforgettable experience, the reality takes the price package which is way too expensive, that at the end, it might probably ruin your holiday. Instead of having somebody else’s party, guess. You should be doing your own Luau, by having your own family picnic and order some Hawaiian cuisines for putting the sense of Hawaii in your Hawaiian holiday.

Well, the tips above will make you maximize your valuable vacation time in Hawaii, without spending too much cash. Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy every moment, take the time and buy some unique stuff just to give a sense of remembrance of your unforgettable Hawaiian holiday.


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