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Hanabi : Japanese Fireworks Festival

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Fireworks are identical with party and crowd, especially nowadays, celebrations particularly like New Year, the using of fireworks are not just as complemented but has become habitual and tradition.

Historically, it was first made in Asia, and not for party purpose, but more likely, as weapons, or else, in Asian believing, fireworks can demolish the demon or bad spirits from the area or city. As the war ends, the function of fireworks changes from bad things into good things, which is as one of equipments of celebration. Nowadays, the existence fireworks have been elevated into a completely new level. People do not only use it for small celebration but much bigger and many variations made just to make the biggest fireworks party ever.

In almost every big country in the world, the fireworks celebration has been mixed by night markets, culinary stands, and some musical performances. In Japan, for instance, the festival of fireworks has become quite a ritual here.

Fireworks festival in Japan is known with the name “Hanabi” festivals. If you are interested to witness this spectacular celebration, make sure that you have already make a room reservation ahead at the hotel nearby. It is because the festival like this will attract so many people to come, and of course, you do not want to deal with the condition when after the celebration over, you get no room to sleep, as all the rooms are fully booked. Also, do not forget to bring a blanket for you to sit, it is because, mostly the fireworks are done in open area, where people can have some seats on the open ground. Finally, don’t forget to bring camera to capture the moments and money to taste some Asian culinary sold around.

There are some places in Japan you can visit in certain time, like for instance; in Miyajima, the Hanabi festival will take place at around August; in Chichibu, a few hours outside Tokyo city, the December second and third will be its time annually. In Nagaoka, try to witness the longest Hanabi show here on August; in Tokyo Bay, the firework festival is also held in August, but be careful with some tall buildings that will block your view.

To witness the oldest Hanabi festival ever, you can try the Sumida River. In Omagari, the japanese fireworks festival is held on the late of August, and apparently, it is more likely a competition event, which only the best fireworks teams are invited to. Lastly, on October, there is a festival held in Tsuchiura, which is quite different as you can see not just the Hanabi, but also the view of autumn.