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Ha Long Bay Vietnam – Traveling to Paradise

Among the country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam might be one of the countries that keeps lots of beauty but not much people have discovered them. Yes, it is true, that actually there are lots of hidden treasures kept safely in Vietnam. Yet, once visitors come and visit it, all will agree that this site is a definite definition of heaven. It is Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is a bay that is located in South China Sea. The exact place is in Tonkin Strait bordered to China marginal sea.

halong bay-vietnamWhat you can get in Ha Long Bay is the panorama that is different from other bays or beach. Along the bay, there are more than a thousand atolls which most of them look in green. Not only atolls, but you can find many big Limestones there. It is said that approximately more than three thousands Limestone are spread along the area. Enjoying the time at Ha Long Bay, you must not miss the canoe or kayaks. It will be a pleasure just canoeing around in calm and quiet situations. We cannot just paddle around the bay, but we can also explore some caves under the Limestone with so many stalagmites above it.

Getting There

It needs three and a half hours from Hanoi land transportation to go there. After that, the journey continues by changing the transportation into a boat to the Ha Long Bay. Generally, tourists like to take a tourism tour to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi. It is because all the travel agency in Hanoi offered a traveling package to Ha Long Bay. The prices are various and the more money you pay the more quality you get. The package types are also various, there are full day package, 2 days one night, 3 days 2 nights and so on. We can also find hotels in the islands nearby like Cat Ba Island, the biggest island in Ha Long Bay. Check Hotel Rate near Ha Long Bay

Overall, as many people have said, Ha Long Bay is the life painting. Seeing it is just like seeing a painting. It is so perfect that can make us so grateful of what God has created. Moreover, I personally think that Ha Long Bay will be a perfect choice for couples or family celebrating their loves. As the place is so romantic yet feels so mysterious that somehow, creates a refreshing and relaxing situation to every people that spend their time there.


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