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Great Things to do For Free: Stockholm, Sweden

If people have been asked to what places they prefer for a vacation, definitely, majority of them would be gladly to choose Europe as one of their top lists. Not just because of the beauty of the countries, but the abundant cultures and histories. Not to mention, the magnificent architectures you can see in every corner of the road. If you search all packages of European trip, try the Sweden. As parts of Europe, Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, has put a great contribution especially for the journey of the evolution of Europe.

There, in Stockholm, you can enjoy the great cultural, political, and environmental condition of the country, the fresh and clean air, also the water. Nevertheless, no matter how great Europe is, the thing about trip to Europe, which always becomes hard consideration for some people to come, is the abundant money spending there. People are often trapped with the opinion that going to Europe will drain your money up to single cent you have. However, if you want to do extra work of researches, actually, you can visit many places free of charge. Even it is free, you can still enjoy the same beauty, and get to know a bit closer to the locals as you pay the visit with lots of cash. Here are some activities you can do without much cost, while you are in Stockholm:

1. Sightseeing at the historical ancient building

Enjoying Stockholm can be through the area around the old town, Gamla Stan. There, you can spend long hours just wandering around the areas called the cobblestone streets, where you can see many ancient buildings built at around 1500s. You can also witness the changing of the royal palace’s guards every day, based on the schedule, such a unique experience, as the guards are seen in unique uniform portraying the beauty of Stockholm’s palace tradition.

view of stockholm at night

view of Stockholm at night

2. Skate or swim

There are other two activities can be done freely or with small amount of money, which are to skate or swim. Here, in Stockholm, if you prefer to go swimming, then you can choose many water areas. It has dozens of islands, whether large or small with water boundary, so there will be lots of lakes, rivers, canals, moats, and crashing ocean waves. In summertime, try to swim at the Smedsuddsbadet Beach or Fredhällsbadet Beach, for tasting its clean water. While winter, all the water area will be frozen, there will be your chance to do the ice skating, just try to go ahead to Trekanten Lake or Norrviken Lake.

3. Shop or Eat

Another activity that just needs not much money to do that is to shop or eat. Exploring the local markets does not need money, right? There, you can see some delicious ingredients like gourmet cheese, warm bread, fresh fish, and meat. There are also some lovely restaurants or cafes, for you to sit in hours, eating or just seeing people walking around the areas.

4. Get Cultured

Nothing better than exploring the cultures of places we’ve never been there before. One place where you can reach all the cultures closer is the Stockholm City Museum. Even it is not free, but the entrance ticket is not expensive at all. Those who are over 19 years old must pay 70 krona or about US$10.5, it is not expensive, isn’t it?


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