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Five Travel Destinations for Best Family Vacations in Australia

Do you plan to get out from your real life activities yet feel confused to decide where to go? I guess, you can write down in your traveling agenda to have a visit to Australia. Among all the continents, Australia has grown rapidly with some great and sophisticated cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Perhaps these Australia sites lists of mine can be taken as your consideration. The following five places are also the best family vacations in Australia.

Here are top fife destination in Australia :
1. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

the great barrier reef in queenslandThis is the first place you must have a visit to it. For all the places in the world, this Australia’s Great Reef Barrier is the best diving place in the entire world. For you who are diving freak must not miss to visit and taste the diving experience there. Just exactly as its name, it is the place where you can see one of world’s biggest reefs. If you are lucky, you will have meet and greet with some other rare sea creatures such as stingrays, sharks and or turtles.
2. Melbourne

Different from my number one list, in this second list, I prefer to mention the name of the city. It is because all the sites inside are all worth to visit. Melbourne itself is the center of art and culture in Australia. Here, you can find many museum and art galleries spread in all over the city. Besides, this is also the best spot for culinary traveling. Some great festivals are celebrated here. For instance, the annually Melbourne Food and Wine Festival that was held last March. Some National Parks can be your choices too. There, you can see many Australian genuine animals preserved there. (Read – Travel to Melbourne)

3. Opera House, Sydney

Similar to Melbourne, next place you must in Australia is Sydney. Sydney is the icon. I must say that, it will never been Australia official trip, if you don’t step on this lovely city of Sydney. Talking about visiting Sydney, it must be all about its opera house. The famous Sydney opera house is just one of the sites you can visit. Beside the Opera House, there are still many others, such as the Sydney harbor, Sydney Tower and so on. The same as Melbourne, there are lots of festivals and celebrations for the whole year. If you manage to come on New Year night, you will be able to witness a huge fireworks celebration there. Finally, before leaving Sydney, do not forget to hold the koala with your own hands at Taronga Park.

4. Perth

Heading to the West sides, you will find the city of Perth. The same as the other cities in Australia, Perth offers you some interesting sites to visit. You might have a great time to see its Parliament House or the King Park. Some big theaters and casinos are all ready for you who like to enjoy the night life in Perth.

5. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Australia is one of the shopping heavens. In every state, you can find many merchandise markets or shopping centers offer you so many worlds’ class stuff. For instance the Melbourne Central which is the biggest shopping center of all Australia and or Paddy’s Market in Sydney where you can find many merchandise stuff in bargain prices.


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