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Experiencing the La Tomatina Festival in Spain

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Some parts in the world are famous for its historical festival, let me mention, the South America like Brazil or Argentine; and some parts in Europe. Festival itself is defined by society as a moment to celebrate joys and commemorate the history. Most festivals end up as the society’s traditions that are held annually for almost hundreds of years. These kinds of festivals usually attract more tourists as they are unique and creative. There are lots of dancing, singing, pretty girls and colorful costume which are so fun to see.

tomatoes festival in spainTalking about festivals, I might say, Spain has so many fun and unique festivals. One of them is La Tomanita Festival that is held in Bunol city, Spain. Tomatina in Spain means tomatoes. So, this festival literally involves lots of tomatoes in it. The festival that is held in every last Wednesday of August is actually a big tomatoes war or known as tomatoes-throwing festival. Where people against each other, throw tomatoes to one another till you can see a giant pool of tomatoes juices are everywhere.

Historically, the origin of this festival began in 1940s. However, there were different stories about that. Some said that it was a child game. Some others said that it began when a man threw tomatoes to some people in the Gigantes y Cabenzudos parades. Some other versions were some men who got angry not to be allowed to join a parade, caused them threw the tomatoes to the parade. Regardless, which one is the correct history, a year after the first incident, people did that again and finally it becomes such a ritual, celebration and tradition done yearly. In 1959, the government officially made this celebration to be national festival that is done annually.

La Tomatina Festival usually starts at 11 A.M by a voice signal from the committee. The throwing itself holds for about one hour. The festival is more likely like this, at around the time that has been scheduled and announced before, people (in fact, there are more than ten thousand people) are all gathering around the Mayor Plaza-Bunol, east part of Spain, some join the festival, others are just watching. Those who join the festival, mostly wear a light clothes even they also wear goggles to protect their eyes. After that, there will be some giant trucks with full loaded of tomatoes. By a single voice signal, the battle begins and people are throwing the tomatoes to one another.

Is it dangerous? Even it sounds like that, there are rules to smash the tomatoes down first before it is thrown, therefore it can be said, it is quite safe. As a celebration, it totally succeeds. It brings fun, joy and laugh everywhere. Well, sounds interesting, doesn’t it?