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Choosing a Safe Hotel for Children

Hotel for Children – When you go travelling or have a vacation, sometimes you need a hotel or accomodation as a place to take a rest. For this reason, hotel has high growth in travel business. There are various types of hotels that you can choose at places where you visit. You can find a hotel with the highest price or with the affordable price.

safe hotel for children

When you have a family vacation and bring your children, you must select a hotel that provides the needs of children, if you choose to stay at a hotel. Not all hotels provide special attention to children, especially babies needs. Keep in mind that children should feel free to move arround the hotel without being disturbed by other hotel guests.

Here are travel tips on how to choose the hotel for children that are friendly and suitable, especially for children under 12 years old.

1. Hotel facilities

When choosing a hotel, make sure the facilities are provided by the hotel. Hotels that take children as guests usually provide some facilities for children, such as kids club or play areas for children in the room. The hotels must also have a playground or play area for children in the outdoors too. Meanwhile, you should pay attention to the swimming pool design at the hotel. Part of swimming pool for adults and children should be separated. If you bring your baby, choose a hotel that also provides nursing baby room, or a special room to change diapers or breastfeeding.

2. Mini kitchen in the room

You can choose a hotel that has rooms with mini kitchen in the rooms. This will allow you to prepare milk and food for your baby.

3. Terrace

You should always check the rooms to be occupied. Does the room have a terrace or not. If there is a terrace, ensure it safe distance and reach out from children. If the room does not have a terrace, you must also ensure the condition and position of the window should be safe and reach out from children. If possible, choose a room in the 1st floor.

how to choose safe hotels

4. Large room

Large room worth with the price. However, now many hotels with standard room size is quite large. Find a room large enough, at least 18 m2. More kids that you bring, then you should find a wider room. Spacious rooms will make your child feel comfortable. Make sure there is not much furniture in it, more simple is better.

5. Location

You should choose a hotel close to destination places to be visited. This is to reduce the time during the trip. Close to the sites allow you to rest when you were tired.

6. Garden

Choose a hotel that has a garden. Garden can be an alternative place for your children. Garden is a safe place to play, because children can play without disturbing other guests.

7. Types of hotel

The most appropriate hotel concept when you travel with your family is a resort. But all tourist destinations not provide resort. Resort are more expensive than a hotel.


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