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Carpathian Mountains Ukraine – The Great Places for Summer Holidays

Carpathian mountains are mountains with medium elevation stretching in about 1,500 km. Highest peak is 2,655 m, above sea level in Slovak territory. The Carpathian Mountains belongs to Romania and several Slavic states: Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic in the north; and Serbia at the southern end (if we count the mountains of the north of eastern Serbia among the Carpathians). Major part of Carpathian is situated in Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. In Ukrainian Carpathian the highest peak is Hoverla mountain (2,060 m.)

the view of the carpathian mountainsCarpathian Mountains are considered to be the most popular resorts and destination place in Ukraine. Many Ukrainian popular resorts and tourist centers are placed here. The mountains so sttractive to tourists! Carpathians have lots of attractions for tourists: beautiful natural areas, forests,rough rivers, alpine meadows, and mountain lakes, shepherds and people living in harmony with nature. You can also find in Carpathian Mountains historical and architectural monuments.

The region is rich in culture, history and activity. It is great place for summer holidays walking, riding and mountain climbing. Many tourists and people who like travels and adventures come to this place.

The flora is rich, includes many endemic forms. Above 500 m. to 1,600m. is a belt of mountain forests: oak, beech, maple, birch, ash and of course fir, pine, cembra pine. Fauna includes lynx, wolf, brown bear, deer, fox.

Experience of the Mountains

If you visit the Carpathians, you will not find yourself in an extreme blizzards or dying from severe hypothermia. The Carpathians benefit from having a relatively mild temperature in winter time. Lowest winter temperatures are around -10 C to -15 C (5 F to 14 F). In summer time the weather is agreeably warm. Throughout the year, the Carpathians do get quite a bit of rainfall 800- 1500 mm (hence it’s rich and verdant plant life). However, this is spread out evenly through the year.

It is ideal for summer holidays walking, riding, mountain climbing, exploring. Equipped campsites, hikers’ refuges, groomed hiking trails or signs are very rare. Topographical maps with hiking routes can be obtained at the resorts or from the local inhabitants who provide accommodation to tourists. It is highly advisable to bring rain gear. Drinking water is widely available from the mountain brooks and streams.

Each time you come here, you’re amazed with the combination of picturesque landscapes, fairy-tale and mystery.

Find Hotel in The Mountains

Ukraine Connections favour and recommend 2 truely great hotels as can be seen below. The largest resorts are located in Slavsko, Bukovel, Tysovets, Dragobrat and Yaremche. These resorts have well developed infrastructure : comfortable hotels, private apartments, numerous restaurants and cafes. You can easily book a room in a hotel which are much cheaper. The recommended hotel is Perlyna Hotel in Slavsko and Polyarys Hotel in Yaremcha.

Enjoy a day walk on the slopes of one of the mountains in Ukraine or spend more days exploring this vast landscape of mountains and rivers in Ukraine. These are memories that will last a life time.


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