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Best European Cities for Low Budget Family Vacations

Europe is perhaps the most expensive continent for the travelers to travel in. However, there are apparently some cities that are friendly for the low budget travelers. It is seen from its hotel fare, foods, airline tickets and its tourism attractions. In these cities, the travelers are served by many choices of cheap accommodation, free activities and good stuff with reachable prices. Whether you are planning private vacations or family vacations, you should choose at least one of the following destinations.

1. Rome, Italy

Rome has been famous as the most affordable city of all Italy. Even more, it becomes the most economical tourism destination in all Europe. It becomes one of the most visited cities in all Europe, but not like Paris or London, this city is a great holiday place that requires only low budgets. The hotel rate of this city is in the average of US$ 190 or 1.78 millions rupiahs. That rate is much cheaper compared to other cities in Italy.

Due to its strategic location internationally, the airlines’ tickets rates are way cheaper than others. According to Kayak site, the tickets from NY to Rome and Rome to NY start from US$ 688. Compared to NY-Venice which is US$749, to Florence is US$934 or Napoli is US$ 753.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

This city of a thousand year is one of European most economical tourism destination. According to the TripIndex site, a site from TripAdvisor, Prague is the twentieth most visited city in the world and fifth in all Europe. The average accommodation rate per night is about US$248 for two.

Besides, this city has quite many free tourism sites. Let me mention, the flower market of Havelsk, Charles Bridge, and an old palace of Vysehrad.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Overall, if we talk about this country in general, the whole things are cheaper comparing to its neighbor, Spain. The capital city of it, Lisbon for example, offers you more exotic persona than any other European countries. The lovely view of its sea, the cosmopolitan beach, the ancient architectural roads and its gothic cathedral are some great things you can get in this city. The accommodation rate per night for its four-star hotel is in the average of US$130. It is said in The New York Times that all the cultural attractions on Sunday including the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and Torre de Belle, its historical fort are all free of charge.

4. Budapest

budapestAccording to the annually survey of TripIndex TripAdvisor site, taking from the comparison of accommodation and tourism site prices, the European most affordable city for most tourists in the world is Budapest. According to it, the total rate of one night staying in a four-star hotel, plus one cocktail per person, dinner for two with wine and taxi transportation are only US$194. It is in Palazzo Zichy Hotel, where it is the second most famous hotel in Budapest with US$59 per night.

5. Berlin, Germany

berlin city-germanyIt is in Price Index Hotel of Berlin, where you can find the one and only most affordable luxurious hotel in the whole world. The average rate of it in 2011 is US$198 per night. Based on the survey that was done by Hotels.com, it was showed that the average hotel rate in Berlin is 76 euro per night. Just compare it to NY which is 171 euro, London which is 134 euro and Paris which is 114 euro.

6. Vienna, Austria

viennaEven though, overall Austria is categorized into an expensive country, the tourism package rate to this country is quite cheap. Generally, a travel agency will offer you a trip package to Vienna, Prague and Budapest at once. The packages are including 6 nights, which two nights each, along the month of September or October, including the airline ticket to Budapest back to Prague, accommodations as well as breakfast, all are about US$1.499.


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