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Best Cities to Visit in Italy

There are many places we can have a choice to visit during the holiday time. One of them is Italy. As a part of European country, Italy is known widely as one of the historical, art, cultural, architectural, fashion and culinary center in Europe. Once you visit this country, you will be served by many beauty cities and many great experiences you will never regret.

Those are the best cities to visit in Italy :

1. Rome

artistic-rome-italyAs the capital city of Italy, this city presents you the precious treasure of historical architecture buildings in every corner of this city. Not only you can be blown away by those remarkable views, but there are also some old monuments, middle age-church, museums as well as the best restaurants for pastas culinary.

2. Florence

Florence is the art of Italy. This city is built among so many art statues, buildings and paintings made by some world’s legendary painter such as Da Vinci and Titian. Some old castles and plantations are some Florence’s places you have to visit. ( Read – Visiting Florence )

3. Venice

Venice is known widely as the most beautiful and romantic city of all Italy. The beautiful river splits the whole city into canals, which makes boats named Gondolas become the main part of the transportation as well as one of the most famous Italy tourism destinations. These gondolas also become the top most people’s choice for celebrating their weddings or having a honeymoon trip.

4. Milan

Now we come to another different part of Italy that becomes the icon of world’s fashion. Yep, Milan is the center of trends. All kinds of famous designers’ brands are all spread in many glamorous shops and or galleries. Not only for fashion, but this is the city of famous Italian football club, AC Milan, which the league is held regularly every year.

5. Bologna

This time, it is the city of culinary traveling. Here, in this place, was the born of some well-known Italian culinary which are pastas, tortellini and the bologna sauce which is the most famous one as the spaghetti sauce.

6. Verona

I am pretty sure; most of you are familiar with the tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet. As a matter of fact, this story began here in Verona. Visiting Verona might take you to the old time of the Romeo and Juliet by enjoying its palaces as well as the famous opera festival that is held annually.


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